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  1. Great stuff, have sent it over. You're clearly Mr In Demand! Thanks as always, Kind regards, Oscar
  2. Sadly I can't PM you, you are above recieving messages from such people as myself : ( To Required Victor × Victor cannot receive messages.
  3. Hi there, Great thanks for this, will ping you the API key now. I'm pretty sure if this is the front end version that they tried DELETE and then DELETE PERMANENTLY when it didn't seem to do anything. This is the one where it said something like 'unable to find folder [6]' after a little while. Thanks again, Kind regards, Oscar
  4. Hi again, Still no change, anyone know if it just doesnt work with large email counts or if we're just particularly broken for other reasons? Have tried the Delete button at 3 different levels and places and all are still in existance, what does the delete button do in these cases? Might whatever it's chewing on be the reason the new mailbox isn't showing at all or somethig to do with what we've done? Thanks for any help or thoughts, Kind regards, Oscar
  5. Hi there, We've long neglected our Hornbill inbox having preferred managing the inbox in Outlook given the choice but we're looking to have a fresh push at using Hornbill as the main helpdesk email box. We're trying to clear down the existing unread messages (60K) and we're aware this is not straightforward from the front end for various reasons (no select all/mark all as read option) so we thought we'd bite the bullet and press the Empty Folder button and be done with it. However it seems that pessing the clear folder button doesnt' do anything and a few seconds later you get an error message 'Error, could not find folder [6]" or something, I've also since tried from the back end to clear the folder (hitting the red 'clear folder' on each folder on the mailbox status tab). I've hit Delete on the whole mailbox and tried to set up a new one and it seems to be getting messages now but the old mailbox is still not deleted, and the new mailbox doesn't appear to any of my users. I've set the mailbox as being party of Helpdesk Mailbox role (assigned to all users) and checked the management permission is there and seems to match the previous Shared Mailbox as far as I can see, yet still no joy. Have checked the 'how to set up a shared mailbox' wiki page and everything seems to be in place yet still the following day I'm not able to see the mailbox or any change to the existing folders/mailboxes I've pressed delete on yesterday. Please can someone let me know if I've missed a step in getting the new Shared Mailbox to show on the user's logins or what I might have to do to get the existing one cleared down? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice. Kind regards, Oscar
  6. Hi there, Have shoppinglisted a few more permissions and can now do this without error, not sure which role it was that did the trick but is working now. What's the best way of me updating your records of our admin user password for the future though can I ask? Kind regards, Oscar
  7. @Victor Hi there, OK sorry for the delay just had to archive someone else to free up a licence, do you have the password etc? Thanks for your help, Kind regards, Oscar
  8. Hi there, Correct no change from the original error unfortunately, will see if I can unarchive the admin account now. Kind regards, Oscar
  9. Hi there, Sadly no change after upgrade, have found a list of table permissions against the defined role templates but sadly the one showing an error is not shown here, presumably doesnt exist or is not configurable, just the following; h_itsm_requests h_itsm_requests_attachments h_itsm_requests_members Any further ideas anyone sorry? Kind regards, Oscar
  10. @VictorHi Victor, Thanks will give that a go.
  11. Convert table rows to CRLF and table data/column to tab character (if hornbill's text rendering engine uses tab stops) else " - " would be better than just mushing all the printable characters into a long string anyway.
  12. Hi there, When trying to add the Self_Service_User role to a new basic user I am given an error that I do not have permission to update h_itsm_requests_symptoms. I have no idea in what way adding the self service user role to a user requires updating the request symptoms table, or why I don't have permissions to it. I have been able to add the Basic User role to the user, just not the self service one, other users have previously been created with these roles without issue so not sure what's changed. Can't find any information about the error on the forums or online, is this one anyone's seen or would hazard a guess as to what needs to happen to enable it again? Can you edit individual table permissions somewhere like you could in ITSM? Thanks very much for any thoughts. Kind regards, Oscar
  13. Hi there, Great thanks for your help, fingers crossed. Kind regards, Oscar
  14. I did not know that and that's awesome, will tell the team tomorrow and that's going to be a big help when people read out references on the phone (by far our most common 'search') as we don't even need to touch the mouse!
  15. A similar but equally annoying thing I find is when searching for a ticket number (using the top of page search box) you're presented with a results page consisting of one result. I can't fathom for what reason you'd need to see a list of results when searching against a unique reference. I've recently taken to just pasting the ticket number onto the end of the URL so it goes straight there, but this only works if you're currently looking at a ticket and the existing URL is in a suitable format to just substitute the references. I'm sure there are times when you want to see a list of one (Google don't take you straight to a page if you happen upon a search term with one result) but when you're searching using something that's designed to be unique (reference number, email address) it serves no purpose as far as I can foresee. Fully expect there's a setting I've not set or a different search box I've not found but just to throw this out there in case it's another one that can be addressed in the same way (or some remedial instruction provided to those users that haven't found the right settings yet!). We're about to kick off an efficiency drive on Service Manager (and related processes) and the number of unnecessary clicks has been widely identified as a frustration and loss of time so any info on this and simmilar things would be a great help. Thanks for any thoughts! ADMIN EDIT: "A similar but equally ..." refers to this thread: https://community.hornbill.com/topic/12160-pre-populate-customer-field-when-only-1-available-to-select/
  16. Hi there, We use Service Manager to manage our main support inbox but for a period the SM version of the system was not being used (mail still coming in) and there are now a large number of messages that remain unread between 6 and 9 months back. At the moment we're incrementally going through and marking them as read manually as and when we can spare time but for some reason you're no longer able to tick the top email and control click the bottom one and then mass update them (mark as read in our case). It seems if you scroll too far your original selection is lost and this process can only be done for about a hundred messages (am told this used to work differently and this was formerly possible but don't know that for myself). Please can I understand if there are any ways to run SQL on the back end to programmatically update the message statuses or if anyone knows of a better way to do this via the front end UI. The only place this is an issue are the various badges that appear on email icons indicating "99+" etc emails are unread and we'd like that to return to the actual number of emails we've not yet read so we get some value from it. We currently have about 30k emails to mark as read and this would take someone about a day to do manually using our current best method, any thoughts appreciated! Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Oscar
  17. Hi everyone, Although I appreciate the move from ticket subject search to full ticket description body/timeline search is a big processing/indexing jump, need to plan computational impact to not degrade existing services etc, are there not other ways we can perform free text searches on the back end? Although I'd like to be able to perform free text searches I'm not sure this is something that can be rolled out to all users, we often have a need to search for a particular registration number, or serial number, or other unique(ish) bits of text, across all tickets, to establish if something has already been reported. It's not practical to include all such unique identifiers in the subject or under custom fields and some way of searching all ticket content is sorely required. The current agent search function is extremely limited, the most limited I've seen on such a large system, I had presumed there was a full search feature I was missing. This has been a widely requested feature for a number of years and its usefulness should be apparent, especially apparent when people have moved from other systems which included it (e.g. Supportworks). i don't believe the earlier post about searching through old calls in Supportworks is a separate thing relating to migrations, just that they were resorting to that due to the lack of search function in Service Manager. If you could give us a clue how you're getting on deploying the improved to the general population but in general how else we might be able to perform full searches on the back end? Thanks very much, Kind regards, Oscar
  18. Great will have to check the release notes for this as was never sure I'd fathomed what prompted it to appear either! Cheers again,
  19. Awesome, thanks for the reassurance. This was going on for quite some time before this report by the way, all's well that ends well as they say! Thanks again,
  20. Hi there, I'm a user of service manager, it seems that something strange happens to my user specifically (other users unaffected). When I log on and update/raise a few calls, after a few minutes or so, a pop up box (of the style I'm accoustomed to) pops up top left of screen, but you can only see the bottom of the box. I haven't yet found the activity that causes this to happen, this happens on multiple computers and have tried Chrome and Firefox (will dust off IE if anyone thinks it would be a valuable test). If you click the tick 'done' button, nothing happens. The box is loaded a few moments after the page loads so if you're quick you can still manage to click the menu button to navigate elsewhere before the box covers it, rendering you stuck on that page. Please find attached a picture of this in effect, any thoughts please do share them! Thanks very much, Kind regards, Oscar
  21. Hi there Gerry, Have checked back and the whole line is now removed, username and password which might be even better practice than just replacing the password with 8 asterisks! : ) Can see you've just responded too, thanks very much for your help getting this picked up so quickly. Kind regards, Oscar
  22. Hi there, Thanks for your prompt response Gerry, it seems that it's not quite sanitising it at that end, that would certainly be the right place for it to be so. Here's what I see, it's in the format of username/password. It's good to see the full logs though, especially without having to go into another system, so top marks in that regard. Thanks again for your help. Kind regards, Oscar
  23. Hi there, I'm a user of service manager and when I click on an email, and click the two reciprocating arrows icon above the message (sending log presumably) I note that the login credentials appear as plaintext in this view. This is not a great idea, they should be removed from the log. I am an admin user, they should still not be visible in the logs. There should be no place to see passwords as plaintext, this is a basic best practice. Kind regards, Oscar
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