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  1. Error message when clicking on the print icon, within a call Any one know what this might mean, I have tried in two different browsers
  2. Any Lucky with changing the On-hold calls in the dark mode?
  3. In dark mode theme, there doesn't seem to be a change of back ground on On-hold calls to Open. But on the light theme calls On-hold calls are highlighted. Can there be something done on colour change in dark mode, to show calls on hold?
  4. I see you have darken the on hold calls, but the text is so soft and faint. Can the text be made sharper.
  5. I have had a couple of comments from my team that the Email is not refreshing in the new ui. The email icon will show 2 messages, but there won't show in the inbox until you hit the fresh on the browser. Has any one else experience this?
  6. Having a look at this webpage (Asset Attributes_, I don't seem to see department on it. Does that mean you can't change this field on Assets? https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Understanding_the_Asset_Structure
  7. Thanks Jim for you help on this matter. I now don't get no errors went running it. I have even run it a without the dryrun and it's says -=- Updated Assets -=- * Updated: 1 * Skipped: 0 * Failed: 0 * Extended Record Skipped: 1 * Extended Record Failed: 0 I have then checked the asset and nothing has changed.
  8. This is now my next error. Caching Application Records from Hornbill... [TEMPLATE] Parsing Error: template: {{.Department ID}}:1: function "ID" not defined [h_department_id] [TEMPLATE] Parsing Error: template: {{.Department Name}}:1: function "Name" not defined [h_department_name] [TEMPLATE] Parsing Error: template: {{.Department ID}}:1: function "ID" not defined [h_department_id] [TEMPLATE] Parsing Error: template: {{.Department Name}}:1: function "Name" not defined [h_department_name] [ERROR] [Template] Issues were found with the template. When creating the CSV file, you just select asset\mobile device\ and click on Export? Would this then hold the department Or do you have to change the CSV file.
  9. This is the field in the asset under General Properties, would it be called h_department General Properties
  10. Sorry about all the questions. If you run a -dryrun=true If the log shows this: <params><application>com.hornbill.servicemanager</application><entity>Asset</entity><returnModifiedData>true</returnModifiedData><primaryEntityData><record><h_pk_asset_id>3020</h_pk_asset_id><h_asset_urn>urn:sys:entity:com.hornbill.servicemanager:Asset:3020</h_asset_urn><h_department>SLT</h_department></record></primaryEntityData></params> 2023/12/05 14:44:46 -=- Updated Assets -=- 2023/12/05 14:44:46 * Updated: 0 2023/12/05 14:44:46 * Skipped: 1 2023/12/05 14:44:46 * Failed: 0 Does this mean that it's worked?
  11. I have exported all mobiles devices from hornbill and selected all fields. So trying to write a json for that csv file. The reason for update existing is I need to change some of the department names in all assets, but starting with mobile devices.
  12. I am guessing the errors above was a problem at your end, as it now runs again. Still with the error [DEBUG] Asset match not found, but OperationType not set to Both or Create
  13. I have changed the json file and now when I run it I get the messages below. Which don't mean too much to me. Any pointers. panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference [signal 0xc0000005 code=0x0 addr=0x0 pc=0x3fb3fe] goroutine 1 [running]: net/http.(*Transport).alternateRoundTripper(0x0, 0xa8be080) net/http/transport.go:507 +0x5e net/http.knownRoundTripperImpl({0x6be8f0, 0x0}, 0xa8be080) net/http/client.go:316 +0x43 net/http.setRequestCancel(0xa8be080, {0x6be8f0, 0x0}, {0xc15386919a0ea6b8, 0x17c6edc029, 0xa21c00}) net/http/client.go:348 +0xb6 net/http.send(0xa8be000, {0x6be8f0, 0x0}, {0xc15386919a0ea6b8, 0x17c6edc029, 0xa21c00}) net/http/client.go:250 +0x525 net/http.(*Client).send(0xa8bc020, 0xa8be000, {0xc15386919a0ea6b8, 0x17c6edc029, 0xa21c00}) net/http/client.go:176 +0x87 net/http.(*Client).do(0xa8bc020, 0xa8be000) net/http/client.go:716 +0x890 net/http.(*Client).Do(...) net/http/client.go:582 github.com/hornbill/goApiLib.(*XmlmcInstStruct).Invoke(0xa801c20, {0x5feaa4, 0x6}, {0x600d36, 0xa}) github.com/hornbill/goApiLib@v1.1.0/apiLib.go:328 +0x909 main.espLogger({0x61faa2, 0x34}, {0x5fe95a, 0x6}) github.com/hornbill/goDBAssetImport/main.common.go:262 +0x162 main.main() github.com/hornbill/goDBAssetImport/main.go:90 +0x81f
  14. I downloaded the import tool yesterday, 4.2.2
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