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Found 11 results

  1. This was working yesterday but this morning I try and create an email template and I get an error message. I made 4-5 templates yesterday so unsure what has caused. When I "Duplicate" a email template it prompts for the name. (I am not using any bad symbols, I tested with clean alpha text) I just get the error attached. I have logged out, Refreshed and tried on a different machine. No luck Any help would be appreciated. Jamie
  2. I'm just updating my email templates which I havent done since 2016, now when I have started to test them they are showing the variables in the email as well as the summary description, has comething changed? A new Incident has been assigned to Service Desk, please ensure someone from the team takes ownership. Call details: Buffet for external course {{.H_description}} Customer Details {{Customer Contact.H_firstname}} {{Customer Contact.H_lastname}} Andrew Eames {{Customer Contact.H_email_1}} {{Customer Contact.H_tel_1}}
  3. Has anyone got any decent looking email template designs they are would share, before I get my easel out
  4. We are in the process of implementing multiple desks and therefore are duplicate a number of different email templates so that can be customised for each different 'Service Desk'. It would be really useful to have the ability to copy or create a new template based on an existing one, similar to the functionality that was present in the Support Works Email Template screen. This would save a lot of work and also make it lot easier to maintain a large set of email templates. Cheers Martyn
  5. Is is possible to have the ability to rename existing templates once they are created? This combined with my other post related to being able to copy them, would allow you copy and test a new version of the template and then rename the original to a backup and replace the original with your new version. Though you can achieve this by copy and paste, this way gives you more control and is easier to rollback if there are any issues. Cheers Martyn
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell me what the buttons do, and how to use them in the email templates? I can see that you can add button and other controls onto the email templates. Would it be possible to add a button the email recepient can click to update a related request in Service Manger? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi I have created a new progressive capture process for internal staff to use when ordering buffets for meetings through the service portal. I've use custom forms in the business process to ask for the following questions. Date & Time Required: No. of People: Location: Job Number: Authoriser: Special Requirements: When the call is logged it shows in the service desk under the Questions section, this is fine but in email the customer gets they don't see what they have logged as I cant find the variables for the questions I have asked in the progress capture custom form, see attached screenshots
  8. Hi, I have noticed that when I raise a new request, on the timeline it shows that "An email has been sent to... using email template <template name> by the Business Process Engine. This makes sense. However, when I click on the Envelope icon to send an email to the requester to provide an email update, it sends an email to the requester and uses another email template. How do I see which template that is, and what is causing it to send that specific template? I assume this is linked to the BPM workflow or Progressive Capture but I cannot spot where. It's also odd because I stumbled across one template that was being used automatically when providing an update for an external customer and I managed to amend this. However, on a request for one of our internal staff, it seems to be sending the previous template that I thought I had amended. I need to be able to amend this one too as it doesn't send the update that I type out in the box of the request, it seems to be sending the text of the initial request so I assume it is using an incorrect variable. Can someone help with this and if you need any more info from me like screenshot then that's fine, I can provide them. Thanks Greg
  9. Hello We have the below setup as a template but all the text comes through as lowercase even the items we wish to show as uppercase below is the example Ticket Completed Your outstanding IT request {{.H_PK_REFERENCE}} has recently been completed with the following details: Ticket Summary: {{.h_summary}} Resolution Information: {{.h_resolution}}
  10. One of the features we use in Supportworks is the ability to select an email template when doing a call diary update and then editing the generated email to to include inline images/screenshots. At the moment in Service Manager it appears you are only able to use the Email Templates from within automated BPM tasks and not able to select a template to use when doing a manual/adhoc email from the request. Also as this is only a text only you not able to use inline images and have to add any non text elements as attachments. As we our predominantly an external customer facing service desk we utilise the email facilities in Support Works quite heavily to communicate with our customers. Is there any plans to improve the email functionality in Service Manager for manual generated emails? Cheers Martyn
  11. When an Analyst completes a task they are asked to complete a Description of what was done/outcome of the task. We would like to include this in an automated email process which immediately follows the task to update the end user and remove the manual task of the analyst having to send a email from the the request, which then uses a fixed template rather than a specific one we could select via the BPM process. Is there anyway of passing the task 'description' field into the email template variables? Cheers Martyn Forum Admin Edit: The functionality was provided in one of the earlier Admin Tool builds. This thread is now locked.
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