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  1. Hello, Yes, it would need to return the status code so we can determine if the release was a success or not and I would just be happy for the time beign with the following parameters returned:- "id": 19, "name": "Release-19" Obviously when triggering the create we would need to have the ability to put in the information set out in the request body so we can set the build artifact and version etc. A single artifact would be enough for now Request Body Name Type Description artifacts ArtifactMetadata[] Sets list of artifact to create a release. definitionId integer Sets definition Id to create a release. description string Sets description to create a release. environmentsMetadata ReleaseStartEnvironmentMetadata[] Sets list of environments meta data. isDraft boolean Sets 'true' to create release in draft mode, 'false' otherwise. manualEnvironments string[] Sets list of environments to manual as condition. properties PropertiesCollection The class represents a property bag as a collection of key-value pairs. Values of all primitive types (any type with a TypeCode != TypeCode.Object) except for DBNull are accepted. Values of type Byte[], Int32, Double, DateType and String preserve their type, other primitives are retuned as a String. Byte[] expected as base64 encoded string. reason ReleaseReason Sets reason to create a release. variables <string, ConfigurationVariableValue>
  2. This would be my top 1, if its possible to turn around quickly https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/rest/api/azure/devops/release/releases/create?view=azure-devops-rest-5.0 I do have one of your consultants on site with me for 2 days next week, on the agenda was to talk about integrating with iBridge, primarily for this feature, not sure if that turn around would be too quick, pushing my luck i know . Many Thanks Jo
  3. Great thank you. I would be looking mainly at this area - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/rest/api/azure/devops/release/?view=azure-devops-rest-5.0 Approvals and Releases It would be good to understand what lead time you have with adding addition API calls in, as it a fairly high priority to get the service desk and our deployment tooling linked. There obviously other costs implementing an additional tool and i'm trying to simplify our tooling pipeline so MS Orchestrator is not an option for us at the moment and Azure Devops is used for our application release so would like this to be driven through the release / change processes in service manager to streamline the process. Many Thanks Jo
  4. Hi, Yes we are using Azure Devops and also ansible. I know that you have a iBridge for azure devops for this but it seems to only be to create work items and not trigger the build and release pipeline. I also would like to tool to be able to plug into our other system, such as event monitoring using the API rather than email routing templates etc. I can see that there is a 'Utilities/Experimental/HTTP Request' in the integration call, i was hoping i could use this, but there doesn't seem to be anyway where i could select the keysafe APIkey etc. I would like to have the flexibility to create custom iBridge call so i can link to any of our tools Cheers Jo
  5. Web Calls looks like exactly what i'm after to link my BPM to my deployment tool, was there an alternative to this implemented after?
  6. Hello, I can see the list of Hornbill iBridge integration but cant see where in the BPM process i can link to my own rest API so i can start linking the service desk BPM processes to my our own automation deployment tools. Any idea? Many Thanks Jo
  7. Hello, I keep getting a error detail in the BPM - flowcode ("s1"/"flowcode-3add97eb") execute: could not find flowcode document... I've used this layout regarding get authorises in all my process so not sure why its not working on this new process. I've deleted this task and the following and recreated in order but still getting the same issue.
  8. Joanne

    View Activities within the Request list

    Yes, i think that would help. We are creating activities off the back of problem tickets etc but seem to be getting lost and not as prominent as the requests etc. Many Thanks Jo
  9. Hi, Is it possible to see activities assigned to your team with in the request list, with the toggle ability that there for the other types (IN, SR, CH etc) We tend to work directly off our request list so it becomes an after thought to go and view the activities via the activities screen / tab on the right hand side. Cheers Jo
  10. Hi, Is there a way we can update the Assets via the BPM. I have a decommissioning processes so would like to auto update the state once the tasks have been completed. I would also like to use the information regarding the asset in my BPM, for example use the CI name in a task description or make a decision if its a windows or a linux box etc, but don't seem to be able to pick this asset information up from up from my BPM Cheers Jo
  11. Joanne

    Asset Import Tool

    This was an issue with my proxy settings after. I do have another issue now tho When running the tool it creates the asset in my test instance as expected but it doesn’t seem to put the data from sql table in. I know its connecting to my sql table and pulling the assets through as the log writes the asset name but as you can see attached it’s only populated the general text variables ("_this a test") and not the information pulled from the database. Any ideas? hornbill asset screenshots.docx
  12. Hello, I created a NEW routing rule to create a service request but the ticket doesn’t include the attachment. The attachments seems to only be added on updating via an email but not for new tickets, it there a setting that I am missing? Many Thanks Jo
  13. Joanne

    Asset Import Tool

    I've just sent it over via email Many Thanks Jo
  14. Joanne

    Asset Import Tool

    Hi @Steve G Do you have an email address i can send it too, dont want to post our Instance id on a public forum Many Thanks Jo
  15. Joanne

    Problem, Known Error & Release - Catalog Item Support

    Do we know roughtly when this will be implemented, i'm struggling using the current problem and release management areas and its takign forevere to plug in the questions as activties