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  1. I cannot use the import tool to update our staff, we do have a licence on our server but am not sure if this is a perpetual licence or one we need to renew.  I am getting the message that I cannot run the command

  2. The problem I have is that there is a date and time in the original request that I cannot view. On the whole requests that are raised from email messages are fine and we know how to view the original email but I am unable to fulfil the request above as that is stored in the link - is it possible that there is some functionality that will display calendar entries because I believe we were sent an invite to this meeting request.
  3. Is it possible to have a copy of your original email remaining in your mailbox. We are experiencing problems when people are attaching appointments and other items and they don't open within hornbill
  4. I would like to direct the users in what to enter and really would like to remove the summary and description field as they have already answered the questions. However this results in a blank title being displayed next to the reference number. Is there a way to automatically populate the summary field with what is checked in the simple data list or from the category that is selected? as w are finding the user is having to type information or select the information more than once and is confusing. If we leave it with the default request form it will mean more work for the analyst and what i
  5. I have customised a form via a service that contains an extra field - How do I make these fields appear during data capture without creating another customised form in progressive capture.
  6. Am I able to replicate sub categories - I want to automate the incident logging as much as possible (see example below) Hardware Desktop Imac Mac Pro [*]Laptop Dell HP Macbook MacBook Pr Netbook [*]Chargers
  7. Yes but I wanted to read up on the wiki first as I realised we did not cover this during the switch on - I am sure I was able to drill down to view this when I spoke to Dan last week but can't today
  8. Trying to view information about setting up profiles but can only view titles of topics - there is no help or instructions. Is there something wrong? -
  9. When trying to edit a newly created field on a customised form I often can edit once but when I go back as try and edit again nothing happens - the form appears to be stuck - is there anything I can do to fix this other than deleting the form and starting again?
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