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Found 14 results

  1. I want to delete a significant amount of our Closure Categories/Profiles as part of a clean up exercise. If these are deleted, will this affect closed requests in any way? for example: - if we report on requests that used a deleted category, will it still return the list of requests that used it (i.e. the category is embedded in the request, not trying to reference the deleted entry in categories) - if we reopen a request closed with a deleted category, I assume when we update to resolve it, we'd just get the current set of categories available and it won't break anything?
  2. Hi all, I am adding a new team into our instance and don't want to have their category profiles in the current structure as it will start to get very messy. I have added a new profile for the team but when selecting 'Update Logging Category' in the BPM is only shows the old list. I can't see a way to set the new list as a logging category list and I can see a way to set the new list against a service etc. Any help? Thanks Dan P.S. If this currently cannot be done then can I raise it as an enhancement please.
  3. We currently have set up a request profile for tickets that is used in reporting. It's a multi level list. Is it possible to acccess this through the progressive capture and have the customer choose profile directly in the portal?
  4. I posted this a while back but didn't receive any response so I'm trying again! Is it possible t make sure that when a call is closed that the Analyst has to select the relevant closure category? This can be done in Supportworks. Currently a call can be closed without a closure category which will mess up the reporting. Thanks Tina
  5. We've successfully implemented SSO for our instance but unless we're missing something it is either on or off for all sites - live, admin, service & customer. Our 250+ customers will only ever access Service Manager (via service.hornbill.com) from within our corporate network so single sign-on using ADFS is ideal and this works as expected. However, our analysts will access the live site from anywhere, both inside and outside the network. What we'd ideally like to do is enable SSO for service.hornbill.com but use password authentication for live.hornbill.com. Although we can cr
  6. Hello In a future iteration please can I ask to get a Job type column added to the list of columns available would be useful for filtering
  7. Hi, Can someone point me in the direction of where I can find and edit the category codes please. Thanks Tina
  8. Hi I'm not sure if this is a browser issue but I've tried it in IE and Chrome and neither work. When trying to change the request category within an incident/request, all I seem to get is a spinning icon that says "Loading Categories". The closure categories works without issue. Thanks Forum Admin Edit: The issue was fixed in one of the earlier Service Manager builds. This thread is now locked.
  9. Hi I would like to add a "category" column to the request list. There is no option for this when trying to customise the columns, is there any way of this option being added? Thanks Ben
  10. Hi Stupid question I'm sure, I cant for the life of me remember how to create Request/Closure categories. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ben
  11. Hi, I am trying to create a new profile for Request Categories under Instance Configuration > Profiles > Create New Profile and I get the following error when I click "Create"; Invalid boolean value 'on' found in element . at location '/methodCall/params/profileSettings/userAttributes/attrib1/visible' Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Thanks Graham
  12. Hi, Is it possible to make sure that when a call is closed that the Analyst HAS to select the relevant closure category? I know in Supportworks it can be set (because I have set it) but I can't see anything on the Wiki page to indicate it can be done in this system. This will be needed to ensure reporting can be done.
  13. Trying to view information about setting up profiles but can only view titles of topics - there is no help or instructions. Is there something wrong? -
  14. Hi all, I have a number of Categories and Sub Categories created for Incidents and Requests, though I am struggling to find where to alter them. Could someone kindly point me in the right direction. Thanks, Lee
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