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  1. Please can {{h_workaround}} be added to choose in email templates this would be very useful when emailing from problems, we currently map to a custom field in the BPM to allow us to include this in an email.
  2. @James Ainsworth as per your reply to @chrisnutt post (link below) about the provision of custom fields in the Asset Management, can we request the following additional standard fields be added to the 'Software Class'. Check String Module Code As software developer we produce and license software to our external customer, which as well as the a key use a combination of a check string and module code for them to be licensed. Cheers Martyn
  3. What it be possible to request custom fields to be added for assets? We are finding that we want to record information against them but the field descriptions don't match what we want to use them for.
  4. Hi, I've created custom fields in hornbill with a goal to use them in reports. I use them mainly in the analyst view for calls and enable all custom fields then export the data as a csv. I've noticed that custom fields 31-40 don't appear in the list of view-able custom fields, is there a reason for this and is there anyway I can display it? Custom fields 21-30 are empty but the next 10 don't appear on the list as seen below. Any information is helpful, thanks.
  5. Hi all, So I've been trying to generate an email with information from the PC which is pulled through in to custom fields and also the same with Business Process Task answers. I understand the logic and have read other topics on here where people said similar but their suggestions usually were to put a pause wait field before the email so it has time for the custom fields to pull through. My email is being generated at the end of the 2nd page before closure but has PC custom fields are being pulled through at the start of the first page which sometimes doesn't populate and I know there is information as its a mandatory field. This can't be a time issue as the pull custom field is at the beginning. The first image above is the PC questions being pulled through on the first page. This image is of the BP task and custom field being pulled through before the email. The email contains a mixture of PC & BP answers but it's very random about what gets pulled through. Also I know the tasks and answers it's pulling through is right. Any help is much appreciated, thank you.
  6. As per previous post (link at bottom) this is an enhancement requests for the addition of an option for 'SelectList' along with the current 'Text' and 'Number' options in the JIRA Create and Update Issues methods, so that the api call format below can be used. https://developer.atlassian.com/server/jira/platform/jira-rest-api-examples/#creating-an-issue-examples Cheers Martyn
  7. @Steve G I am able to to successfully use the JIRA -> Create Issue Method to create issues in our cloud based JIRA instance where the form does not contain any mandatory fields of type 'Option' or 'Multi Select Array'. I am trying to implement logging of 'Support Item' issue type in our JIRA instance from Service Manager. The create issue form has both a mandatory 'Customer' field with prescribed options and a multi select field for versions. I have tried populating both but the JIRA Create Issue method fails. As there is no error logged I cannot determine whether it is failing on both or just one of them, as both are mandatory. How can I diagnose this further? Cheers Martyn
  8. Organisation Import Tool v1.0.1, when using the Update (or Both) actions, does not pick up changes made to the custom fields so does not trigger the update action, when attempting to update the custom fields. Can this be corrected so that the update method check all fields? Cheers Martyn
  9. At the moment you can include the custom fields from the 'Contact' but only the Organisation field from the contact. Can this be extended to allow the optional display of organisation fields and in particular organisation custom fields, as we use these to hold information such maintenance expiry date, support level and whether they are hosted etc. The aim is that this information will be presented in the Request View - Customer Section, so the analyst does not have to open up the organisation page to see them. Thanks. Martyn
  10. Morning, I wondered if i could request that the Advanced field feature under the request list be extended to include all custom fields that can be used? It seems to only go up to "O" Currently? However they actually go up to "T" in the reporting background? I need to use the h_custom_t field to pull information out in the front end. Many thanks! Hayley.
  11. Hi How do I transfer custom fields captured in a procap for one request into a linked request so that decisions can then be based on answers to them? Or is this not possible? Sam
  12. Hi Is there a way to add an additional field to the request list that'll show linked entities? We currently have some incidents that are associated to problems and some that aren't - having a field that shows linked entities means we can sort our request lists more effectively. Thanks Lauren
  13. Would it be possible for the custom fields in the request entity to be available as fields you can display and use in view/charts on the Request List view? Cheers Martyn
  14. Hi, Can we have the option to use value rather than default display when putting info from PCs into custom fields? Or if this exists already how can I do it? I have just created a rather complex BPM for assigning logging category based on PC answers and as some of the answers are the same but the category will be different I (stupidly) assumed that it would use the value rather than the default display. Thinking about it I can see why this is the case but I really (rather urgently) need this option. The onboarding of quite a large team (20 or so) depends on it working automatically. If we can have the option per variable that would be best I think so not to change current behaviour or have it as an on or off which will no doubt cause issues. Actually if we could have say 5 custom fields which use the value I think that would be easier all round.
  15. Hi, Could I ask that we can have some more custom fields please? I am currently trying to recreate a 3rd party change form in our portal so that the change is logged with us and the questions are mapped into their change form and submitted to them via email. The form has 34 fields (in a Word document) which actually translates as 77 when converting to variables to inject into the email (due to a lot of 'Please provide more information' boxes), but I could trim that down a little. Minus 5 that I have mapped as h_summary, h_description, h_datelogged and raisedby.h_name (x2), I am 29 short. I am currently using all the h_custom_a - t fields and two date fields. As the other fields are intergers or dates they are of no use to me here.
  16. It would be very useful to have the full list of Request custom fields available to the list of variables for Custom Buttons. In our particular example, the Development & External references are stored in custom fields in on the Request. These are used along with URLs external to Hornbill to open up a web page and show the current status & history of the Development or External reference item. I had hoped this post would add the functionality but it's more for Document Management. https://forums.hornbill.com/topic/10317-improve-custom-buttons-functionality/
  17. Good afternoon, I have a measures question. We are trying to create a measure for first time fix's, in our Progressive capture for Incidents and Service Requests we have a custom form at the end that is called First time fix: I have named the Field ID first_time_fix - and it is a simple static drop down select box, with the options "yes" or "no" I want to be able to create a measure for it to fid out how many first time fixs we have for service requests and incidents. I don't know what to fill in under the table and key columns, this is what I have put but its not pulling anything up, obviously first_time_fix isn't going to work for this question so how can I put a measure in place for it? Many thanks Hayley.
  18. I have an issue where when an email notification is sent, the template does not pull through custom field values e.g. "H_custom_a". These fields are currently populated during progressive capture. Please can someone explain where I might be going wrong?
  19. *** URGENT *** Hi I have been working on our Services adding custom fields to the Request Configuration > Incident > View Details Form in the order below. This was all ok on Monday when we went live and on Tuesday but now appears to be corrupt. Some fields are now duplicated and out of order, so a free text field is now a drop down with the label not corresponding to the contents of the drop down. This appears to have happened after the latest update was applied to Service Manager on Tuesday evening. Please can this be looked at and addressed as a matter or urgency as I still have a large number of services to complete, I would also rather not have to revisit those already completed. Order of Custom fields as created Third Party Reference Single Line text Third Party Drop Down Development Reference Single Line text Development Type Drop Down Version Drop Down Assignee Drop Down Assignee Status Drop Down Condition Drop Down Hosted Service Impact Drop Down Customer Reference Single Line text Custom Fields now displayed (see attached document) Thanks Martin MoreDetails.docx
  20. Hi I need to add a new custom field for all services called Internal Ref, just like the one called External Ref under call details, see attached, what's the best way to do this? Thanks Chris
  21. Hi, When creating Simple Lists in Service Manager or Collaboration the order is displayed as entered. However, when using this list in a custom field via Services > Request Configuration > View Details Form > Design and adding to the Incident Details form Configuration, the list items are ordered apparently alphabetically by Name, even though they appear to have a Sequence ID value. This means the options available for selection are not in the correct order. The only way to rectify this is to edit the Label/Name and prefix it with the numeric value. Can you confirm this is a bug please?
  22. Not sure if this is related to the known error advised in https://forums.hornbill.com/index.php?showtopic=8443 but we have a strange issue where we can alter the name of all the custom fields in the detail form except 'Custom Field E' which ignore whatever is entered and always displays the former default label. For example adding the custom field and changing there name to 'New Label A, B, C etc works fine until you get to E. Then when you apply the field gets added but with the default label, ignoring your changes. At first I thought it was down to be used a reserved word it the new label, i.e want to use 'Version', but I add this label to another custom field and that stores/displays correctly. Any idea whats going on? Cheers Martyn Forum Admin Edit: The issue was fixed in one of the earlier Service Manager builds. This thread is now locked.
  23. We are in the process of updating the Details Form on our Services to make some of the custom fields view able as we will be both using them going forward and also be transferring some data into them as part of the migration using the Request Loader. My understanding was that this customisation is at a per Request Type and Service, but it appears that when you save the customisation it is partially saved across all services. For example when you add customisation to a Service, in this case add CustomA as field called Third Party to the Elections service and apply the changes they then appear as expected. Now you go to a different Service, but for request type of Request and click on the Details Form, you get the default form without Custom A field being displayed, which is expected. If you then add custom field A with a different title on this service and apply the changes. However if we go back to the original Service and click on the View Details Form, we will see the title of the field we added originally as Third Party has been altered to the name we used in the last service customisation. It seems to stuck halfway between the customised details form being set across all services (in terms of field titles) but not applying the same fields to all services/request type configurations. Can this be checked as I think this is a bug. Cheers Martyn
  24. Has anything been thought about with regards to custom columns in the request list window. We have a custom field which captures the request location, we would then like to display calls by this field on the request screen.
  25. I have customised a form via a service that contains an extra field - How do I make these fields appear during data capture without creating another customised form in progressive capture.
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