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Email Routing Rule not working correctly

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have set up a number of email rules using the new routing system and am having an issue with one of them.

We receive automated emails from a 3rd party and they get logged, recently we added a catalog item with its own BPM to handle these emails.

It all looks set correctly to me but it is failing to use the correct catalog item and instead is using the correct service instead. This means that is uses the wrong BPM.

I have changed and saved and changed back and saved and deleted the catalog item and re made it with no changes.

Config is as the attached files. The routing rule for picking out the correct email is fine. It is just using the wrong level and not drilling down as far as the actual catalog item. However if I add catalog item to the request list is shows as being logged with the correct catalog item.

Can someone help me please?








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@Dan Munns title changed :)

We identified the issue recently and fixed it, should be available in the next update (Service Manager that is...). The issue is that even if you have a catalog item configured on the routing rule, the BP associated to the catalog item is ignored and the routing rule goes for the BP associated to the service instead... 

I could have sworn this was raised before on forums but can't find anything... my search "kung fu" is not strong :(

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