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Licenses for archived users?


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Hi Lyonel

The archived users don't use up a licence on the user screen but are seemingly not being kept in sync with the Service Manager subscriptions (I'd have thought they should be).

The only way we have found to get around it is by going to 'Admin > Service Manager > Application Subscriptions' and manually add/remove users there to keep in sync with the user screen.



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Hi Lyonel

When you archive a user they are not (should not be) counted in the application subscriptions if they are then this is a defect we will need to look into.

Can you confirm what you did that caused this error to be presented. i.e Archived user A, gave rights to user B, user B tries to login and get the error message? 

Manually removing the application subscription from an archived user should only be a workaround we would not expect you to have to do this every time you archive a user. 

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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Hi @TrevorKillick, we have a scheduled job running every night to sync our AD to Hornbill (using your LDAP import utility :) ).

The job ran successfully and did the following:

- Archived 2 accounts setup as "user" with rights on Service Desk app (2 guys left)

- Created 2 new accounts setup as "user" with rights on Service Desk app (2 new guys started - replacing the 2 guys who left so exact same rights)

- When the 2 new guys tried to log into Hornbill, they got the screenshot I attached earlier.

During that period, I did not touch anything. However, this morning I demoted all archived users to "basic" as a workaround (I was not aware of the possibility to remove users from the subscription screen).

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