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"Superfluous Entity Record Update detected for Requests"


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Myself and other members of the team this morning are experiencing issues when placing calls on hold and resolving calls. In the hold/resolve window the pane just freezes, however if you open in another tab the update has applied. It was working fine yesterday but today we are all experiencing the issue. 

No error appears initially, if I press several times though , I get the attached, 

Any help would be appreciated. 



Hornbill error 081116.PNG

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Hi @AndyColeman,

Thank you for your post and apologies for the inconvenience that this is incurring.

I had a look at the performance of your instance and did in fact notice that "Put On-Hold" action failed several times due to pressing the corresponding button a several times.

I also noticed that the Service Manager app on your instance is still on version 2.27, which is a couple of months old. Since this version, we have introduced a number of new features as well as bug fixes and performance improvements. It would be great if you could kindly update to the most recent version of the Service Manager app - currently, 2.36.3. We can then review this once again, if the problem still persists following the update. It would be great if you could keep your app updated and monitor this through the Admin Tool, to benefit from the latest changes in the Service Manager app.



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Thanks Ehsan.

The 'Put on hold' does not work at all and neither does resolve ticket. No error occurs if you press once, but you have to totally refresh your page in order for it to work. 

I will run the update shortly and let you know how I get on. 


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