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I would like to try and create a measure that reports the calls raised on a specific day of the week.

For example any call raised on a Monday.

I can create the measure for a date but don't see the filter option if possible for the day of the week.

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Hi @cchalmers

Thanks for the post

You can achieve this from a widget, using a measure based on calls logged say weekly, or even monthly.


1. Create a measure and choose the frequency (in my example i have used Monthly)

2. Use Date Logged in the Date Ranging Column

3. Use the Request ID as the Key Column Value. 

4. Save Date Logged as one of the Saved Data Columns for the widget

Let the Measure sample and get some data.


1. Create a Data Chart

2. Use Data Type - Measured Sample

3. Data Format - Normal 

4. Sampling Type - Use predefined data setting

5. KEY Configuration - You can choose the Tick Type to use (Daily, Hourly etc), and then Set Group By Tick Part to Yes

6. Add a new Series

7. Choose the Measure you have previously created.  

8. Sample Period - Choose if you want to look at data from when the Measure began, this calendar year etc. 

This should then return a widget you can use on dashboards which looks like below.   

Use the configuration options to look at the Measures data by day, hour etc using the Tick Type, and across different periods using the Sample Period options, and if required using the widget settings to change from a bar to a line graph etc.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 14.53.04.png

Hope this helps



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Cheers, that has given the information I was after but not quite how I was looking for it to be displayed but that should be fine.

Can you advise how I could possibly set a Widget to show calls just raised today? This is what I have but I want to limit to just each day dynamically so it reset each morning.

The widget does not seem to do what I want as it only updates over night, so it's always a day behind.



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Hi @cchalmers

In which case you can use the following, which will only display in this case the Incidents logged today, obviously change this up for the different request types you want, this will reset each morning as you require. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 09.04.17.png

You can create similar for requests resolved today and create a nice graphical dashboard which is dynamic.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 09.07.38.png

There are in fact a few of these and there queries on our sandbox instance which you can take a look at:

admin.hornbill.com/demo/ login as sonial and password is password, then look under the widgets on the service manager advanced analytics tile.

Hope that helps



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