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Inconsistency in exported data from database direct queries


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Hi all,

Not sure where to place this, apologies if this is the wrong (sub)forum.
I am noticing some inconsistencies with comma placement in the from database direct exported .CSV's.
When running this simple query:

SELECT * FROM h_cmdb_assets as a
LEFT JOIN h_cmdb_assets_computer_peripheral as b 
on a.h_pk_asset_id = b.h_pk_asset_id
WHERE a.h_name LIKE '%Jabra%'
order by a.h_pk_asset_id ASC
limit 250

I get the following data returned:


As you can see the the retired_date column is only filled in on the first record. 
When exporting this through the CSV button I get the following .CSV (opened in Notepad++ before even touching it with Excel).
I took the liberty of "tabbing" the plain text for readability

As you can see the exported file seems to be missing a few commas. This happens throughout this document and other documents exported this way.

Does anyone else experience the same problems?



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I've been having this problem for a while - I've raised it some time ago here:You just need to define column names for it to work.



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Hi Samuel,

Sorry, I must have missed your post when looking for related issues!
Thank you for the solution, good to know that defining column names makes it work.

Have you heard back from @TrevorKillick regarding possible fixes for this? It might be a good idea to document this on the wiki for users who don't spend time on the forums.

Thank you,


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