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Measures Date Ranging Column


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Hi Lyonel,

It is so when you create charts on measures, for example, you can say get measure data from last month, this month, last week etc. 

For example typically is SM you will create measures using logged by date or resolved/closed by date. You can then create widgets saying get me Requests Logged Last Month, or Requests logged so far this month , qtr, year etc, 

Typically your date ranging column 1 will be the same as Date ranging column 2 i.e. date logged

But you may for example want to say sample records by log date and resolved date meaning you will get data stored for any request logged AND resolved in the current range being sampled. So if the measure is monthly and it is currently collecting data for Sept it will count/sum/avg any calls that were logged AND resolved within that period. This allows you to create charts such as count of  "Requests Logged & Resolved In The Same Day" or  "Week" etc.



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