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Linked request not picking up service automatically


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When I raise a change request from a service request using the "Raise linked change request" button, the service does not get transferred, but the summary and description do?! Is that normal? Am I missing something here?

PC for change:

PC change.png

I also configured the settings as follow:

setting change.png

Any help or advice would be appreciated.



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Right now the summary and description are the only things copied when creating a linked request. Auto-selecting the service is not a bad idea by any means, but it's not always the right thing to do and varies not only from instance to instance but from request to request.

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Fair enough @cchana

Isn't that something we could configure via the settings? My idea is something like: if you raise a linked request and the PC has a service details form, and the settings say "import service from linked request = TRUE" then pre-select the service (but leave the door opened for changes).

What do you think?

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