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Found 8 results

  1. At the moment, when someone is a connection on an incident, we have the option to email them through the email tool. Is there a way that I can email people who have incidents that are linked to this ticket but not cc'd on it? Thanks James
  2. I have a process that I would like to wait for a request to be linked to it which I can achieve and I can get the linked child request to update the parent request with some text, however I put a suspend node in the parent request to 'wait for update' and although the linked child request updates the request but the parent does not 'unsuspend' and carry on the process. Any help appreciated. Child Request: Update on Parent Request: Parent Request node which doesn't recognise the update:
  3. Hi Currently, to ensure linked incidents are updated from a parent incident, there needs to be a node somewhere in the business process. This works, however the point at which an engineer will update a parent incident, as well as the number of times a parent may be updated, varies between each incident. What we require, is something similar to the "Resolve linked requests" drop-down you get on the "Resolve" tab when there are linked requests, but for updating on the "Update" tab. We need to be able to filter down every single update from a parent incident to the child incidents, without it being dependent on the business process. Is this something that is possible, or is there a different way to that outlined above, to achieve this? Thanks Lauren
  4. Hello, I would like to know whether it possible to set to a specific customer through BPM? What I'm trying to achieve is to start the leaver process and when they confirm which applications the leaver user have access to which then raised a new linked request(s) to relevant team to confirm to remove their account from application(s). Much like assign to owner but for customer that we do not really want to use so we do have generic users that can be use instead of customer. This way is to avoid bombard emails of the actions from the process to the customer. Secondly - I wonder whether I can add functional BPM to a linked request through leaver BPM? If so, can you advise me of the steps that I can do? Many thanks, Aaron CC: @samwoo
  5. Hi How do I transfer custom fields captured in a procap for one request into a linked request so that decisions can then be based on answers to them? Or is this not possible? Sam
  6. - Is there a way to open a new linked request in BPM? - is there an email routing rule for creation of linked requests?
  7. When raising a linked request from an existing one which is logged against a customer (external) not coworker, the current contact informaiton is not passed into progressive capture 'Search Customer' step, where as if this is done for a coworker it is. I beleive this is a known issue as it came up in our original switch on phase, but do not seem to be able to find a reference to it on the forum. Is there are Known Issue reference for this and an update when this is planned to be fixed? Cheers Martyn
  8. Hi, When I raise a change request from a service request using the "Raise linked change request" button, the service does not get transferred, but the summary and description do?! Is that normal? Am I missing something here? PC for change: I also configured the settings as follow: Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Lyonel
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