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decision error frustration - outcomes must be accept or refuse


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Hi Guys - we are new customers to service manager - just trying to finish setup before we go live :) 


weve setup a change management process, but im getting a strange error message which I cant fathom. ' Error - outscomes must be 'accept' or 'refuse', but as you can see in my process, all my decisions have both an approve and refuse path?


has anyone seen this before or can help?





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Hi Gary,

 thanks for your post.

This feels like a defect to me as I recall working with you on this at the latter stages of your Switch-On where we actually tested the branch expressions, so I'm confident there's nothing wrong there.
It looks like an issue with the authorisation task itself where the design canvas is validating on the outcomes (specifically the ones that are passed to the database). As the workflow designer you have no control over these outcome values in an authorisation task, you can only specify the display values.

Our BPM engine developer comes online shortly so I've asked him to take a look and address this one.


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Hi Guys - ive been having a further look at this as well really need this working by tomorrow.


ive tried to re-write the process from scratch using the example change request process, but through trail and error, it seems that as soon as you open the authorisation node it corrupts the process and makes it invalid. actually if you just go into the example change process, and open the authorisation node it corrupts the process

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