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We are relatively new to Service Manager

We have just created our own Service Level Calender and Named it "Service Desk Team Calendar"  and deleted the default

Within Home>Service>Application Settings>guest.app.timer.defaultCalendar

We have amended the name to be "Service Desk Team Calendar"

However when we raise a call the resolved date timer does not start?

Do we  have to amend another setting for this to work correctly

Many Thanks








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In your business process associated with the request, do you have the nodes to start the appropriate response/resolution timers? 

In Service Manager you do not have to apply timers to a request, as it is optional.  You determine this by deciding when in the business process to start and stop the appropriate SLA Timers.



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Hi Colin,

at the moment, we rely on the default calendar being there to create resolve timers and ensure all the escalations to fire correctly. You're free to change it's configuration as you wish, so you can change the timezone and working hours.

Having said that, over the next few weeks we'll be releasing some much improved functionality around service levels which will give you the flexibility to use your own calendar(s) and even base the service levels and their escalations on more than just the priority of a request.

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