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Noticed something not sure if its supposed to work like this, however if you log a call for a customer who has access to a service that service seems to appear in the service list when logging the job. This is even if I as the logger does not have access to that service?





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Hi Gareth

Thanks for the post. 

The behaviour you have described is the current expected behaviour.  We do however have a development planned to give the options to filter the Services list based both on the the Services the customer is subscribed too, and also the services which the loggers (team's) support.   

This will be a configurable as in some customer environments, they would like anyone to be able to log a request for a customer, regardless of which team it will be routed to, but others would simply like the list of services filtered to those services provided by the team the logger works in.  The example being if the customer has called the finance team, then it makes sense to only show the Finance supported services to the members of the finance team logging the request. 

This development is planned and I will update once this there is a bit more information on when it will be available.



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Hi @gwynne

I just wanted to let you know that this functionality to only show the services that the support person supports was made available in Service Manager Build 823 on August 31st 2016.  There is an application setting that accompanies this which is called servicemanager.progressiveCapture.servicedetails.enableSupportVisibility. The default for this setting is Off.  To enable this, in Administration go to Hornbill Service Manager > Settings and enter SupportVisibility  in the filter to locate the setting and enable.



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