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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your post. Do you have a use for theExternal Ref No field? If you are not using this for external references, the easiest approach would be to just change the label to read Internal Ref No. To be able to do this you simply need to have the Translator role applied to y our user profile. Once this is done you can turn on translation mode in the client. This is done by selecting your picture up in the top right. Next to the language selection you will see a translation button. Once this is selected you can right click on the label External Ref No. This will give you an option to provide a new label for this field.

A video is available which demonstrates how you can do this - click here

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Guest NadeemMazhar

Hi Chris,

As discussed earlier, in order to add additional fields to a request you would need to click on the design button in the details section of a request ticket (screenshot 1)

Then click on the + button (screenshot 2). This will enable you to add the field name and the type of field.

Click save and you will now see the new field appear in request tickets (screenshot 3)

Kind regards





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