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Date format in Service Portal

Paul Morrow

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Help me out here guys.

I've my own profile date formats set for day month year.

Default in instance is set as dd-MM-yyyy.

In service portal it is always the wrong way round, yy-MM-dd

Where do I fix it? - it's driving me nuts.


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Hi Paul,

I have done some investigation and when I created a custom form with a date field in progressive capture, the date format was using the format specified on the user's(co-worker) profile. The date format for a user is set during the creation of their account and can be modified by an admin in the administration portal or by the user in the main collaboration app. Keep in mind that you need to log out and back in again for the new date format to be applied.

Can you just confirm if your end users are external contacts on the Customer Portal or internal co-workers on the Service Portal?



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