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Custom Form becomes unresponsive in Pro Cap design canvas - Fixed in Hornbill Administration build


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When trying to edit a newly created field on a customised form I often can edit once but when I go back as try and edit again nothing happens - the form appears to be stuck - is there anything I can do to fix this other than deleting the form and starting again?

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Hi Marion,

apologies for the delayed reply to this post, there were some topic visibility settings that caused this post to disappear off our radar. However, I know that you have since been speaking with support about this issue and it has now been successfully resolved in Hornbill Administration build which was released to customers on 9th Feb.

It would appear that the problem occurred when you specified a simple list as the dynamic data provider in a custom form dynamic field, and the simple list name contained spaces or commas (and anything else that isn't deemed "javascript safe").

Since Hornbill Administration build this is now fixed and you should have no further problems editing this particular Progressive Capture flow.



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