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Questions Displaying incorrect information

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Dear Hornbill Aficionados,


I'm creating a form where the answers displayed in the intelligent capture will display different answers on the back end. unfortunately while formatting all of these back end responses, i noticed that once i started adding in the  values into the fields, what was displayed was wildly wrong, I'm getting repeated answers in the questions field.


Could someone tell me how this was triggered and how to rectify this please? This problem seems to defy all logic.


Kind regards,

Martin Mensah




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You have the same values in three of your List Items.

These need to be different.

You're basically saying:

  • If it says "Good. Adjust correctly" display "Keyboard"
  • If it says "Good. Adjust correctly" display "Mouse"
  • If it says "Good. Adjust correctly" display "Monitor Screen"

which, in a logical sense, is nonsense.

I would suggest changing the  values to:

  • "Good. Adjust Keyboard correctly"
  • "Good. Adjust Mouse correctly"
  • "Good. Adjust Monitor Screen correctly"
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