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Logon ID not returned by "Get Request Information - Customer Details"


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I've noticed the customer logon ID appears to be returning blank with the "Get Request Information - Customer Details" Hornbill automation.

Just to confirm, when I feed the Customer ID into the "Users - Get User Details" Hornbill automation instead, the Logon ID is returned, so this can be used instead of the "Get Customer Details" as a work around.

I haven't extensively tested this beyond my own account, but just thought it was worth highlighting this unexpected behaviour of the Get Customer Details automation.

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@Fizza thought you were going to report this 🙂

Yes, pretty sure this is a bug. We get no result for logonID from the Get Customer Details node. For some time (maybe years... since I learned this on implementaton) we have used primary email address. Can that be right we've just ignored such a thing?!

My profile has logon ID (never really clocked the profile doesn't have CustomerID but uses UserID...):



Config of node to push Get node outcomes to Timeline:


Timeline output showing blank logon ID:


Would also ask for comment from HB about these discrepancies:

 - Get node is missing an output of User ID and Employee ID, both of which are on the main user profile record

 - What is relationship between User ID and Logon ID officially?

 - Why are the user's profile details form (where they can add a secondary email address and other fields) and the admin User Profile view not aligned in terms of fields included?

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