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Hornbill Search Filter: Date

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While searching for relevant requests in the search box in Hornbill I have noticed that I can only filter by Owner, Customer, Type, Service and Status but not by date.

This would be particularly useful to help with identifying calls within a given timeframe - eg during an outage or after a change of process.

I am aware that this can be achieved using the custom view however this would be useful within the search box too.

If there's something I've missed please let me know.

Many thanks

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Sorry, yes, I am aware that the search in the request list where you can create a custom view does allow us to see this. I have shown my colleagues how to use this too.

I still think a date filter would help with the search results in the top search box.

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This is one of the big annoyances for me as well, I will sometimes use the top search box to search for open tickets for a particular customer and it gives me pages of results in seemingly a random order

If there was a way to sort these results into descending date order it would make it a lot easier to find the ticket I'm looking for

I keep a view for things like this where I can change the customer and the date range but that takes quite a few more clicks

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