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Too short life for support passkeys

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When raising a request and providing your analysts with a support passkey the times allowed are way too short requiring your analysts to ask for new keys again and again.
Could it be changed to allow for up to a week? Also I don't think the granularity going down to single hours is needed

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In practice, we do not need a long amount of time to access your instance when providing support.  Creating a passkey, is, by definition creating less secure access to your instance, this is something we only provide because we have to, we would rather not have the capability in there at all.   For almost all use cases we have experienced, they keys are more than adequate from an active time perspective, they are designed to allow you to grant us limited, short-term access only.  Our support team should not ask for keys that last any longer than is needed, and we would rather not hold such keys for long periods of time. 

I think if we are asking for keys again and again I would probably be inclined to look at why we are doing that, I cannot think of any support scenarios that would make this a common thing?


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