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[New Feature Request] Simplified request list sidebar


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Good morning,

I am one of the many unfortunates that can only hook up a single monitor to the laptop (high resolution though!) and I wanted to find a better way of being productive on one screen whilst working on a ticket in another screen... but at the same time being able to monitor the request list (those lucky 3+ monitor people!).

So, I thought in Edge, I could try pinning the Request List to the sidebar... but it doesn't have the effect I was looking for :(


So, I would like to request an enhancement for a Simplified Request List to be added as a new option on the right-hand side of the screen:


  • There need to be thought about where this sidebar would be available from within Hornbill
    • It would be great if the counter next to the icon shows a count of changes to the request list (ie. updates or new tickets)
  • It should be able to auto-refresh as well and inherit some of the functionality from the main request list (such as the ordering of columns, the highlighting of rows if a ticket has been updated etc)
  • I am thinking if we create "Views" within the Request List, we can choose which view to associate with the sidebar, so we can flick between them if we need to.
  • In addition to being able to use views from the main request list, I think other options should be available such as:
    • Requests List of same team (if the sidebar is open whilst viewing a ticket, selecting this will filter the sidebar request lists to open tickets the same team assigned to the currently opened ticket) Useful for seeing other tickets in the same queue
    • Request List of same service (if the sidebar is open whilst viewing a ticket, selecting this will filter the sidebar request list to open tickets from the same service)
      Useful for seeing other tickets in the same service

Here is a mock-up of what I was thinking of:


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Hi @Steve Giller,

We're not on Windows 11 yet so it doesn't work the same way for us (we will eventually) that being said, apologies I didn't mention that I had already tried the windows 10 method, and it has a similar effect as pinning it to the sidebar in Edge as per my first screenshot above, except now I have less screen space because of the left and right bars on Edge also appearing - like so.


Hence my request an enhancement for a more simplified request list to be discussed... but maybe only to be displayed when not on the main request list, for example if I am inside a ticket or a board.


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