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iBridge Create Calendar Event

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Trying to use this: Calendar / Create Calendar Event (hornbill.com)

"When adding an event to a Users calendar, the userId parameter should be provided, and optionally calendarId"


Am getting these outputs where the "Status: ok" but no event ID or error and would expect one or the other.


Anyone using this? Something is broken on iBridge or config wrong here?

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Not something I'm familiar with, but is your Attendees parameter correct?

On the Microsoft documentation it looks like it's in this format:

[{emailAddress: {address: 'adelev@contoso.com',name: 'Adele Vance'},type: 'required'}]

which looks different to your node.

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Hi @Steve Giller, I can see how an incorrect format there would caus an issue.

But the only way that field can be entered is using the 'UI wizard' by clicking the edit icon and it comes-up with this:

[{"displayName":"Name Name","email":"NameName@domain.gov.uk","optional":"Required"}]

If the format is incorrect it would suggest it's something Hornbill need to fix so the wizard outputs the correct format?



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If a member of the integrations team could please review and confirm if the output of the wizard is correct/incorrect or otherwise assist with why we are getting status "ok" but no calendar entry created or error message. Thanks.

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@Steve G or @Joshua Howitt just hit a new error when trying to release a previously tested function in this area; to add to outlook calendar. I have given the permissions on my calendar to the userID and I am the Owner which is the ID used to add to.

Here is the error message returned for this workflow:

iBridge Method: /Microsoft/Office 365/Calendar/Create Calendar Event.m Error: The specified credential identifier could not be found

This looks a bit like the system cannot find it's permissions to do this work?

Node config:


In UserID I am using


Owner (their calendar)

In the Attendees, I am using these fields which are populated with the names and logonID (UPN) of the relevant parties.

Implementer (required)

Customer (optional)

Peer (optional)

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@Joshua Howitt The 'User ID' that we use to Authenticate the connection between Hornbill and Microsoft Office is our ServiceDeskID (the admin user in Hornbill).

The UserID I used in my test (that worked on 6th March) was that of our infrastructure manager who has altered their Outlook permissions to allow the ServiceDeskID (the one we use as KeySafe/API/Admins) to Edit their calendar. I used this variable: &[global["flowcoderefs"]["getReqInformationEndStage"]["customerPrimaryEmail"]]. So the ID was neither mine (SessionID) not the ServiceDeskID.

I then altered my requirement to add the calendar entry to the calendar of the Owner of the Change Request, not the Customer so I used this variable: &[global["flowcoderefs"]["getReqInformationEndStage"]["ownerId"]]. This is where I got the error, despite the actual ID that pulls back being the same person as I used above. Again, the ID was neither mine (SessionID) not the ServiceDeskID.

Are you telling me that the UserID has to be the ServiceDeskID? But if so, that was not the case on 6th March so has this changed (there was a Service Manager release between the two tests I did)? It is also not in the guidance for that field which states "User ID that entry will be assigned to". We were able to use the UserID for my infrastructure manager on 6th March.


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@Berto2002 @Joshua Howitt

Have eliminated the error message - Have compiled a test calendar entry against my own calendar, but it always returns a fail code. I've tried using both my Calendar ID and the User ID as the target. Is there any way to get more information out on why this is failing? The OAuth account in KeySafe for this action is both a global admin, and has full permissions to the mailbox I'm trying to change.

Can you please provide the authorisation requirements for the account in KeySafe to be able to make these calendar entries, both on the tenant and to the calendars it is trying to alter?

I sent the output from the automation task to the timeline after the automation node, and just get this back.



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@Ben Maddams I have only tried this on individuals' mailboxes and they need to make this permissions update:


The global admins sounds enough in terms of OAuth permissions...

When you run this, do you have "continue on fail" set to "no"? This traps more issues in the log; and nothing in the log?

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