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Keysafe connection asking mailbox for admin approval

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We have a mystery.  One of our integrated mailboxes stopped connecting a month or so ago (not sure why yet).  We can now access the mailbox via Outlook ok, but for some unknown reason, Hornbill keysafe is asking for some kind of admin permission after entering the login details.  Our internal infrastructure team has looked at all sorts of potential policy/license/permission options, but so far to no avail.  The only thing that we can see that makes this mailbox distinct from the others is the domain, but no policy we can see is excluding that.

Login name is as shown below using our usual WalthamForest domain, but the actual email address itself is Procurement@psprocure.co.uk (that is not the login name, before you ask)

We are at a loss as to what 'admin approval' Hornbill is asking for.  Anyone have any ideas?


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@Victor finally we have cracked it, but still not too clear what did it.  The mailbox had previously been set as inactive, which we suspect broke the trust authentication in OAuth2.  We used Powershell to add Consent to give Hornbill Access to the account as this couldn't be done via the Keysafe connection process.

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