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Found 23 results

  1. We handle a large volume of emails through the shared mailboxes (over 50 emails an hour) and as part of our settings we move these to a folder called Inbox Archive when processed by the progressive capture, rather than directly into the Deleted Items mailbox which is the standard configuration. We are then attempting to select these emails in bulk in order to delete them, but there are a number of issues with this. We only able to select 50 at a time, this created an error prior to Collaboration Version:, but now you get a popup restricting you to a maximum of 50 emails at a ti
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to why the mail icon is showing with 1 email but when going into the mailbox there is none in the inbox. It has been like this for a few months but people have only just started to question it. Any help would be great, thanks.
  3. I have set up our second mailbox, but was wondering where I can set the default messages per mailbox? e.g. when in a request there is option to email the customer which is the 'requestmessage' tempate, can you set these per mailbox? As there are different signatures etc to be added to the emails.
  4. We are finding the the mailbox numbers are not resembling the actual figures as image below suggests, there are 4 emails in the folder but the counter says 2, is there a way to increase the refresh rate of these?
  5. We have a role to allow people to view and send emails only, however, today after the update when you click the 3 dots and go to view email you cannot see the email as it seems to default to the actual mailbox rather than a view of the email itself. Can this be changed to allow our analysts to be view these emails, as we do not want to give them access to the mailbox. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello we have two shared mailboxes, one is updating fine and emails are being processed within hornbill but the other mailbox has randomly stopped working. I have rebuilt the mailbox and tested connection and all sems ok but i am getting the below error within the logs: 17468 17/10/2019 16:55:44 error comms 8324 There were problems whilst processing an IMAP4 mail import for mailbox: Customer Services. 17467 17/10/2019 16:55:44 error system 8324 ChilkatLog:
  7. Hi, I wonder if Hornbill mailbox have retention rule? The reason I'm asking is because we would like to keep up to 6 months old emails before it automatically delete once pass the retention date. Would it be possible to have this setup for the mailbox? Because one of my team leader informed me that he would like this action to be done soon preferably before April and I really do not want to manually click and select for each mailbox that have over 21,000 emails.... Thanks, Aaron
  8. It would be really useful for the Service Portfolio List output format to be enhanced with additional information such as:- Request type icons for the types which are enabled on the service Default Mailbox Include Service Icon Number of Subscriptions Based on the above, the ability then to filter by Request Type Owner Default Mailbox Cheers Martyn
  9. We are having a repetitive issue with one of our Outlook mailboxes dropping out of integration with Hornbill. Each time, the error appears to be a password reset issue, but nobody is doing this and the account is set to Password does not expire. I've had to reset the passwords in both Active Directory and Hornbill several times over the last two weeks for <email address removed> to resolve this. Has anyone got any clues as to what the issue might be please? This is not a newly set up mailbox. We've been using it for a few months now. Admin Edit: Confidential or s
  10. We've very recently moved to Service Manager and our service desk is reporting a feature of the mailbox interface that seems unintentional. If they're reading an email and a new email comes in, the focus jumps to the new email, rather than the one they were reading.
  11. Hi, we are about to launch a new product to our customer and with it we want to capture all issues during the training\bedding in period, during normal hours this is fine but out of hours, our servicedesk is closed. I'm thinking if we setup a separate email address and hornbill mailbox would it be possible to automate call logging so that the ticket is raised automatically out of hours? as anything hitting this mailbox would be assigned to the same categories and team each time, I need to make sure that out of hours calls are assigned to a 3rd line team so they would get notified by emai
  12. Hi We have several mailboxes set up on our instance with identically configured mailbox roles for each one. in the last couple of weeks we've discovered that if we have the mailbox role Mailbox - BusinessHub on our list of user account roles, whenever we reply to an email it will default to that email address as the sending address irrespective of what mailbox it was sent to. Eg. Email sent to Service Desk. I reply to the email and it shows the sending account as being Business Hub instead of Service Desk. We can manually change this of course, but surely we shoul
  13. At the moment you can specify multiple email address within a shared mailbox with one of them being the default. It would be really useful to be able to specify what email address to be used when sending an email from with the BPM, in addition to specifying the mailbox to be used. The reason for asking was that we have a number of services we are implementing as a portal only service, so do not want to deal with emails relating to the these services but do want to send an initial confirmation and final resolution email. Therefore I would like to be able to send the email from a noreply@..
  14. Hello What is the refresh speed of the mailbox view, is this tweakable. Can you lock tickets while they are being processed or possible change the status of the ticket to possibly processing? Regards Gareth
  15. Good afternoon all, last week I had a conversation about how to give everyone access to the mailbox so that they could reply to tickets via email. However this means that everyone can delete messages in the mail box. We are having issues where users are removing all emails in the inbox in error by clocking the Delete all button. This has happened several times now. We cannot remove people from having access to the mailbox as it means that they cannot respond to the customers emails. I had a reply advising I would need to create a mailbox role with just "Can send message", "Can g
  16. Hi all, In Supportworks we all had personal mailboxes which we could reply as from the shared mailboxes or use as normal mailboxes Some of our analysts receive email to a shared mailbox (added to Service Manager) but their personal mailbox addresses are on an approvers list. We are unable to add the shared mailbox to the approvers list (as more than the approvers have access) but they keep having to switch between SM and Outlook to find emails to respond to and then go back and update tickets which is a pain and can take a while as some of these mailboxes send 20 - 30 mails per
  17. Related to our post below about deleting processed emails from our mailbox below in order to speed up mailbox operations, we have discovered that unlike Support Works where the emails related to a request being logged or updates from email get stored as attachments to the request itself (CFA attachment store I seem to remember) in Hornbill it is just a link to the original email in the mailbox store. Therefore when you clear down your deleted items (default) or your own specified folder, where the emails are put after being processed by Raise Request or Apply to Request, you will lose a
  18. Hi, I am struggling to provide simple read rights to my analysts on mailboxes... Here is what I have so far: They get the following error message: Can anybody help? Thanks
  19. In order organisation, our 1st Tier team are responsible for managing the shared mailbox, logging new and updating existing requests from emails. With our 2nd Tier Analyst only needing the permissions to send emails from the request. Is there any guidance on the minimum permissions needed to shared mailbox for a user to be able to send email from the Request form? Cheers Martyn
  20. In order organisation, our 1st Tier team are responsible for managing the shared mailbox, logging new and updating existing requests from emails. With our 2nd Tier Analyst only needing the permissions to send emails from the request. Is there any guidance on the minimum permissions needed to shared mailbox for a user to be able to send email from the Request form? Cheers Martyn
  21. Hi Does anyone know how I can empty the sent items. We go live tomorrow and have loads of test messages in the sent items I would like to clear. Thanks Chris
  22. Hi We are going live today is there away to quickly clear down the sent items folder in the mailbox? Thanks Chris
  23. I am attempting to setup a shared mailbox following the instructions in the wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Set_up_email but a getting stuck at step one finding the setting "webapp.ui.emailclient.enabled" in the application settings section. Enable the email client - Go to Hornbill Administration, and then to your list of Installed Applications. Click on Service Manager and then view the Settings Tab. In the filter type webapp.ui.emailclient.enabled, set the parameter to true. I am wondering if the name of the setting has been changes as there are now webapp.ui elements visible
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