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Forced Service Request Closure Category


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Following build 2853 being applied last night to our instance we were then unable to close Service Requests as we were getting the attached prompts:



We currently don’t have anything populated under here for service request fulfilled in Platform Config…Profiles…Closure



Also under Service Request Config it was Service Request Fulfilled and only when we removed this were we able to close service requests



Once it was removed, this then lets us choose Service Request Fulfilled but we don’t want to have to do thisHornbill4.jpg.543e65fc0091d50100910fd2b7c45fad.jpg

Logging here as We couldnt see any other posts about this and it was not mentioned in the latest release notes

New Update: Service Manager (2853) - Announcements - Hornbill Community Forums


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There is also this option guest.servicemanager.request.category.closure.enforceLastItem which may be more to do with the error you are getting if you have sub categories

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@ssimpson following the Service Manager update, we experience the same situation as you. Within the service configuration there is a category specified down to its maximum level, effectively acting as a default closure category. This approach was taken as the setting of a closure category is not relevant to this particular (non-IT) business function using Hornbill. Having a category set in the service configuration supressed the mandatory closure category prompt. This behaviour seems pretty logical. It appears other Hornbill users have been employing this approach for some time too: https://community.hornbill.com/topic/18412-resolution-category/?do=findComment&comment=88220

What's interesting for us is that if the user refreshes their browser, the mandatory prompt disappears allowing the resolution of the incident in the usual fashion as per before the update.


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