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New Update: Service Manager (2853)

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Service Manager (2853) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:


  • New default role called 'All Request Access'



  • Request and Documents tabs now hidden from service view in Employee Portal on the desktop when there is no content to be viewed
  • Added a new role 'All Request Access' to specifically provide access all requests in Hornbill Service Manager {CH00176311}
  • Extend BPM Hornbill Automation 'Wait for Status Change' to consider sub-status {CH00157807}




  • wait for Linked Request Node not working as expected {PM00176729}
  • Pipeline and retired services not visible in the service portfolio {PM00176571}
  • Auto tasks do not work in small window {PM00176556}
  • Dark theme - Text not visible on service popover {PM00176553}
  • Custom display labels in Progressive Capture form not working {PM00176495}
  • On Hold Request reason not always mandatory when status set to mandatory {PM00176494}
  • Request details action tab is not automatically shown in employee portal {PM00176350}
  • Resolve action stuttering loads on request details {PM00176330}
  • A blank timeline entry is incorrectly added to a request when an SLA escalation occurs where no actions have been configured {PM00176292}
  • An update to the Request timeline is not posted when a linked request is removed {PM00176269}
  • The visibility selector on the request update action is not highlighted in orange for customer updates as on other tabs {PM00176258}
  • The visibility selector on request actions is orange regardless of visibility selected {PM00176256}
  • Formatting of authorisation outcomes in notification email
  • Paging issue after removing a charts from a request list view {PM00176110}
  • No paging shown when viewing charts for a shared request list view {PM00176152}
  • Request cancellation actions not performed if a request has tasks {PM00176151}


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