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One analyst getting an error message when using an Auto task / Custom button to raise awareness on a request

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Hi All,

I have one Analyst who gets an error message whenever he tries to use our Raise Awareness Auto Task / Custom button. I have checked his account and it looks the same as his other team members - the error is below (1st image). Any idea around why he is getting this error please? He is a member of one team named MSE DS Service Desk - 1st line so the conditions should be met (2nd image). 

No other analysts are reporting this issue - just this one User

Many thanks as always



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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

Thanks for your post.  I'm going to guess that it is rights related if it is only happening to one user.   Without having access to the Autotask flow and seeing the rights to the user, it would be a challenge for me to investigate.  Are you able to raise this with Hornbill Support?

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