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Total time to respond and resolve a call?

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is there an easy way to calculate the total time a call has taken when creating a report?

There is the time to respond and the time to resolve. But to get a full picture I find I have to export the report in excel then add the 2 fields together to get total time then do a calculation on it to convert to hours. then work out if that is within or outside of our SLA hours.


I was hoping there may be an easier way? 

Maybe using Advanced analytics if it cannot be done via reports?



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What are you trying to display in your report?

If you want the total time then what is available will be affected by at what point in the Workflow (or automatically via SLM Rules) you start/stop the Response and Resolution Timers.

If, as it appears, you simply need to check if you met the defined SLA Targets, then the Within Response and Within Fix values will return that on any Request that is Resolved or Closed.

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@Steve Giller


Hi steve,

ideally want to know the total time from the point the call was logged to the point the call was closed.

I find that for example if a call was logged and sat for 3 weeks with no action on it, it would fail the response time of course, but once the resolve timer starts, if the call is then closed within 5 minutes for example then when looking at a report for that it will show failed response but we achieved the resolve. Which technically we did, but overall it would be a poor failure as our SLA may be 5 days total but the call may have taken 3 weeks but it is not obvious how long the whole call has taken.


It would be beneficial to target the reasons for such a long response when looking at improvements etc, or targeting calls where the resolve timer was exceeded. But I think for us at the moment it would be more useful to see the bigger picture i.e. how long calls are taking as a whole and understanding what percentage of calls are failing our SLA's (from logging to closure rather than just response and resolve).

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