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Reports after activity completed


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I would like to be able to run daily reports filtered to only activities completed that date on a request - Is there anyway I can use a filter on reports that can check if an activity has been completed and the date it was completed? I've tried searching the obvious tables using task or activity but not finding what I'm after


Thank you

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Hi @Steve Giller 

This may be useful for something else but not quite what I am after, we have a task in a new starter process which captures the user id and email of the new user, I want to be able to extract this in reports to send to our HR team, so I would like to run this report daily only on requests which have had the activity completed that day :) hopefully this makes sense? 

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I have managed to achieve what I wanted, just for reference below for joining the tables and then I am filtering based on the task title I am after :)


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