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Asset Fields Enhancement

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For Assets, would it be possible for us to have some additional fields added please:

In General Asset Information section:

  • Add a Supported By field - Free text field 

For Software Assets, in the Software Information section:

  • Add an Architecture field: - Dropdown options of: Browser, Client/Server, Hybrid, Other or even just make this one free text as well


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Hi @Damien Lynn

Regarding the Supported By field.  There is the option to associate the asset with a service, which in turn is then supported by the teams that support the service.  Is this something that might help with your requirement? 



Setting a service to an asset works its way through other areas such as being able to filter assets by service within Intelligent Capture when raising a request.


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Hi Damien,

Thanks for your post.  There isn't a dedicated field on an asset to store this information.  An additional option would be for you to find a field that is not used and change the label using translations.  You could also use something like the Notes field which is a free text field.   

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