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User definable "Asset Events"


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Good morning,

I would like to raise a request for an enhancement to allow user definable events created against assets per asset type. This would be great for filtering and reporting purposes and allows organisations to specify key events that's important to them.

For example, I have a Server Asset. This Server rarely gets restarted, but over time problems can build up that can only be resolved by a restart. So, we could set up an Asset Event Type of "Server Restart" with a value type of "Datetime" against our Server Asset, and we can either manually add the Asset Event to the Server asset, or have it automatically updated the Asset accordingly via a scheduled task using API that runs on Server start up. Then we can check at any time when the restart last happened.

Another idea for an Asset Event for a database asset could be one defined as "Database Cloned" with two input values, the first one being the "Source Database" being a "single-line text" field and the second being "Cloned date" being a "datetime" field.

This information could sit along the right-side of the Asset screen, with the information also going into the timeline when an event is added or removed etc.

Another potential way to view it, is that you could add a tab to the timeline to switch between timeline view and event view. We could then filter on one or more events type. It would also be fantastic if the event view can be displayed as a calendar or a chart as well.

In addition, ITOM and the BPM could work with Asset events as well.


Samuel Wood

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