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Database Schema view role query

Gareth Watkins

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Good afternoon 


Hoping someone can clarify a role query I have. 

I have a user who needs to view the database schema and doesn't currently have the a role assigned to their profile to do so.


The wiki indicated the superuser role is required to view the schema



However the super user role in hornbill indicates it should not be applied to logged in users and only utilised in initial set up and recovery.



Given the conflict of the 2 snips above can anyone advise if there is another out of the box role that provides access to the schema viewer (preferably not admin role as it grants too much access to other functions) or a right, or collection of rights, that I could use in a custom role to grant access?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Gareth Cantrell


Thanks for the advice but this doesn't appear to have worked for us. The user still cant see the schema unless they have the admin role, which I need to restrict to essential users. 

I did also find 2 other out of the box roles that have the get database schema right and equally didn't provide access to the schema without also having the admin role assigned to the user, Reporting admin and advanced reporting admin.


Does anyone have any ideas on how access to the schema can be granted without also adding a user to the admin role?



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