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Emails sitting in Outbox to Specific addresses

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Morning All,


Just wanted to see if you were aware of any issues with specific email addresses taking longer for emails to send to?


We have a particular recipient who's email is correct however when we send something on to them it can take several minutes or longer to leave the outbox and tends to hold everything else up behind it until its released. Not sure if you are aware of this happening elsewhere across the board? As i mentioned this is only to one particular address that we have come across so far and when sending from personal emails this goes straight away with no delay so wanted to check if there were any known issues with this or workarounds to avoid delays in sending.




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If you click the envelope icon next to the email address with the issue you will be able to see the Delivery Status, which should indicate what is causing the problem.

This will probably need taking up with either your email admins or the recipient's email admins to come to a resolution.

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