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Copy Roles From User - Exclude Existing User


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I have been using the copy roles from user feature since it was added to Hornbill and noticed that if I am creating a new user record that I am suggested the new user when copying the roles from an existing user.

Is there any way this feature can be amended slightly to exclude the current user you are copying roles to from the list you are copying the roles to?

Not a big change but it seems illogical to be able to select the same user for both, also, as I am often creating a user account for the same user with a new employee number and moving across the requests I am far more likely to see the same name twice and have to guess which is the correct one.

I think it might be possible to tell which is the correct one if the drop down box didn't cut off the full user details but it makes more sense to exclude the existing user from the list.


I hope this makes sense

Many thanks

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Our process is to automate the creation of users but on the odd occasion I need to fix a failed user creation and that normally involves me creating one manually.

This is a useful alternative to the method I currently use, thank you.

I still think if you are copying roles from a user that the user you are copying to should be excluded from the list though.

Many thanks :) 

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