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Found 18 results

  1. Can we request an enhancement to the new 'Roles' tab under Admin > Users, to be able to copy roles from another user. This would make it a lot easier to manage new joiners. This could also possible automatically suggest the users to potentially used based on the User's manager or other users who share the same manager (peers). Cheers Martyn
  2. When changing a existing user account form 'Basic' to 'User' and clicking Save, you are still not able to add 'User' based roles to the account until you manually refresh the browser session. Can the Save action refresh the page as well so you can then proceed to add the 'User' based roles or when changing the user type it forces you save the change immediately and refreshes the page. Cheers Martyn
  3. I have been trying to set up a process where people can request new accounts to be set up in Service Manager, this works and I can make the user an 'User' in the system, but when adding any roles they do not seem to be actioning that part of the bpm to add the specific role. Also I am finding adding the person to a team is not working also, what am I doing wrong? Node for adding a role: Node for adding a team: This is taken from a simple list of all of our teams:
  4. Good afternoon I'm hoping someone can help me resolve an issue I am having with roles and rights. I would like to create a role that when associated with a user enables the editing and reassigning of tasks in calls by said user. This facility does exist if one has the superuser role but, for obvious reason, i wont be giving out that role to the larger community. I cannot seem to locate what application or system rights are required to carry out this function as part of a role. Giving the "Manage tasks" system right in a custom built role doesn't have the desired effect. Is there a library of the rights that underpin these roles and, if so, where can i find it? Additionally if anyone has achieved this goal, I would be grateful for an explanation as to how.
  5. Good Morning, I'm after some guidance regarding the Incident Assignee role in Hornbill. We have a task called triage actions, which is to be completed by our Service Desk in hours, which worked fine. We then ran into a problem with our Out of Hours staff, as they weren't a member of the queue, they couldn't complete that activity. It was identified that by granting all support staff the Incident Assignee role, they would be able to complete any Incident tasks/activities assigned to that role regardless of which support queue they were a member of. We have now found by assigning 145 users to this role, that everyone who has this role gets notified of an activity to complete in their my activities pane in Hornbill Service Manager. As our Support Staff will only be interested in the ticket that they're looking at and working on to complete this task, is there anyway of removing this from the activity pane? Many Thanks
  6. I thought that DocManager roles were nested to the highest access so that you only needed 1 role?.. but when I took away DocManager Library and left just DocManager User, my users say they get an error editing their documents so I had to add DocManager Library back. Do users need multiple roles?
  7. We have Business Owners listed in the Owner section of the Service, however we are realising that by giving these people the 'role' of Services Manager it allows for them to potentially cause a lot of damage in the system. Is there a way to create a new role that allows us to choose then as a Service Owner so that we can pull them through for Change Requests etc but not to allow them so many privileges? Also the ability to select more that one person would getting towards Utopia!
  8. Are there any plans to extend the Roles to allow them to be assigned at the Team level as well as the User level? When dealing with a large number of user and teams, it would make it much easier to allocate the bulk of the permissions at a team level and then deal with the exceptions/specific permissions at the user level. Cheers Martyn
  9. Hi I've given a few of our administrators the new(ish) "Board Super User" role in administration. This doesn't allow us to view all boards though - am I incorrect in thinking that this is meant to give access to all boards, despite not being listed as having access to some boards? Thanks Lauren
  10. Hi, We're trying to configure a role that applies to our IT Department's mailbox. We would like most of the teams within IT to be able to send from the mailbox and view emails (and associated attachments) from requests. We don't however want them to be able to access the mailbox. I have tested the rights on the roles and cannot find a way in which the above is possible. I've currently configured it as below - but this means that analysts cannot view emails/attachments from requests. Is anyone able to advise how I can achieve this? Thanks Lauren
  11. Hi all, I have a requirement to add a couple of people to our instance as auditors. They need read only access to everything Is there a way this can be achieved with just roles rather than adding them to every team? Thanks Dan
  12. Hi all, We're in the process of building Service Manager for our IT department to use. We're currently determining the roles that will be assigned to users and have found that a large number of teams will have similar roles. With this in mind, we feel it would be incredibly useful to group roles for specific teams. For example, we have teams that will require roles relating to incident, problem, change and other areas. It is a huge overhead to go through manually and associate several roles to approx. 300 analysts. With 1 group, containing the roles those teams require, it'll be completed in much less time. There is also less of a risk of roles being skipped or missed accidentally. Please could this functionality be considered for future releases. Many thanks
  13. Hi, We have two users who have close working relationships with our customer support team. We need to give them access to the CS Request list but must restrict their account so they don't get carried away and start commenting on requests etc. Basically they just need to be able to view the timeline of some requests that come in, in case they get called about any of them. is it possible to create a role that is READ ONLY, or something to that effect?
  14. Hello, I am trying to add some roles to my account using my technician account, but I keep getting the error "No rights on application com.hornbill.<role>" (see image for example). I refereed to the wiki article (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/What_Service_Manager_Roles_exist%3F) for the necessary roles for a "Service Desk Administrator", and I already have all of them (see image). Do I need the Super User Role to add roles to user accounts? Thanks, Evan
  15. When you need to update database rights under a role, you have to page through the an excessive number of pages to locate specific database tables. Can a filter be added to make it easier to locate and update the database table permissions for roles. Cheers Martyn
  16. Guest

    Custom Roles

    Hi I have created a new role (see attached). Also see the roles assigned to user. However on the drop it provides me the option to create a known error but then it says I don't have the permissions. I would rather it not appear in the drop down. Can you help me please. I am not sure where I am going on wrong here Thanks Sonali
  17. Hello, I’ve noticed that I’m able to filter on “Assigned to” > “Role” (see attached) however other users are not able to filter by “Role”. It appears as though you have to be a member of the “Admin Role” role to be able to filter on “Role”. I've raised this as a support Request, they've confirmed this is correct and they suggest i raise a thread about it - please can all user be able to filter based on a role. e.g. Assigned to > is not > Role
  18. Hello, I wasnt involved with the initial setting up of Hornbill in our organisation but when the users were imported, they only had the "Basic User Role" assigned to them. But they cannot access the basics of the Customer Portal using it. I added "Self Service User" to the LDAP Conf file on Friday, we have it scheduled to run at 5:30 every night so coming in today i've seen that it hasnt worked. I just did a dry run, and can confirm that it hasnt applied the Self Service User job role to all of the users. Conf File { "UserName": "********", "Password": ""********",", "InstanceId": ""********",", "UpdateUserType":false, "LDAPConf": { "Server": ""********",", "UserName": ""********",", "Password": ""********",", "Port": "********",, "Filter": "(objectClass=user)", "DSN": "OU=Users,OU=Users & Desktops,OU="********",,DC="********",,DC="********",,DC="********"," }, "LDAPMapping":{ "UserId":"[sAMAccountName]", "UserType":"basic", "Name":"[cn]", "Password":"", "FirstName":"[givenName]", "LastName":"[sn]", "JobTitle":"[title]", "Site":"", "Phone":"[telephoneNumber]", "Email":"[mail]", "Mobile":"[mobile]", "AbsenceMessage":"", "TimeZone":"", "Language":"", "DateTimeFormat":"", "DateFormat":"", "TimeFormat":"", "CurrencySymbol":"", "CountryCode":"" }, "LDAPAttirubutes":[ "cn", "sn", "sAMAccountName", "userPrincipalName", "givenName", "description", "mobile", "title", "telephoneNumber", "mail" ], "Roles":[ "Basic User Role", "Self Service User" ], "SiteLookup":{ "Enabled": false, "Attribute":"" } } Log File 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] ---- XMLMC LDAP Import Utility V1.4.0 ---- 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Flag - Config File conf.json 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Flag - Zone eur 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Flag - Dry Run true 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Loading Config File: C:\TEMP\Hornbill/conf.json 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Logging Into: https://eurapi.hornbill.com/********/xmlmc/ 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] UserName: ******** 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Connecting Server: ******** 2016/05/16 11:21:06 [DEBUG] LDAP Results: 1591 2016/05/16 11:21:06 [DEBUG] Processing Users 2016/05/16 11:21:06 [DEBUG] LDAP User Record dn: CN=******** ********,OU=Users,OU=Users & Desktops,OU=********,DC=********,DC=********,DC=******** cn: ******** ******** sn: ******** title: ******** ******** description: ******** ******** ******** telephoneNumber: ******** ******** ******** givenName: ******** sAMAccountName: ******** userPrincipalName: ******** mail: ******** ---- Can someone advise? I feel like i'm missing something. Thanks, Samuel
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