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Team not showing to add as a supporting team


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I have created a new team to support a new type of request.  When I go to the service to add the team as a supporting team it doesn't show up as an option.

I can't see anything different about the new team, Knowledge Quality, I can see it in the list of teams in the Organisation but not when I try and add it as a supporting team.


Any ideas?   I left it for an hour in case it made a difference, but it didn't!




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Hi @HGrigsby

I've tested and in my environment I'm not seeing any issues.  This empty box that is in your screen grab doesn't seem right. I'm not getting that when no results are displayed.  


So, it looks like it is trying to show something.  Have you tried clearing your browser's cache?  Do you get the same results if you try a different browser or using an incognito window?

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