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I have a database colleague trying to access the entity explorer. She needs this for the power BI work she is doing.

The have the reporting admin plus a bespoke role (helped by @Victor) Called Entity viewer.
However, when they click on some of the tables they get an error saying they need the permission "get database schema" Which thy already have.

 They can access some tables but not others
Attached is the list they cant get access to and also a screenshot of the error and the "bespoke" role they have - like I mentioned they have the reporting admin standard role too.




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Hi @Smurfy

I would probably look to see what Service Manager roles they have.  Data can still be protected based on the applications that you have access to.   I see that there is a Service Manager icon in the left hand menu bar, so they to have some rights, but it might be minimal rights like Self Service or just Asset Management. Off the top of my head, I'm not sure which particular Service Manager roles they would need.  Are you able to show us which SM roles they have?



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Thanks James I didn't set the originals up - I think they gave basic to everyone :(

Ive removed from our database collegue and will let you know the outcome. (she's not back until September) 

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