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Settings not being honoured


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Good morning,

The following configuration manager setting is not being honoured when viewing in Explorer:

For everything that is set to False:

  1. Still expands by default when loading into the Diagram Explorer. Can take a while to load if there are loads of entities (such as Users/Colleagues, Requests etc)
  2. The buttons are still clickable to hide/display the entities.

I have known this for a little while but now people in my organisation are starting to see the potential benefits to using this, we are likely to start using it properly hence the reason I am logging this issue so it can be addressed.



EDIT: Ignore the above, I just re-read it again after the 5th time or so and it's talking about the expand/retract icon... dang it would be better if we could completely hide what we don't want visible in the diagram by default

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Thanks @Steve Giller - after posting this I had remembered that I already asked about a similar request in the past, but that one wasn't tagged to Enhancement so might have been missed. (Ignore the screenshot shown below)


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