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Quick Log Calls

Andrea Packham

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Service Manager doesn't have Quicklog Templates in the way that Supportworks has.

What are you trying to achieve?
There is probably a way of doing this using Intelligent Capture and/or Business Processes, but it may not be in the same way you're used to.

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Hi @Andrea Packham We use quick calls and ours are configured as per @Steve Giller's recommendation.

Which have the summary assignee team and process engine all configured to auto resolve once the ticket has been raised by the Service Desk.

This then becomes a catalogue item, just visible on the agent ticket logging portal and open to all customer areas so the Service Desk can log, we've probably got about 8 set up all configured to use their own Intelligent Capture and BPM so the appropriate resolution is configured into the ticket, so for example Printer Driver install, is always going to be driver installed and printer made available to the customer, for example.

I've attached screenshots of our BPM to try and help with configuring this.





Quick call Classification stage.PNG

Quick call Investigation and resolution stage.PNG

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1 hour ago, Andrea Packham said:

I have a particular type of call I want to log on a regular basis with the same  profile and same text  every time

This can be done in two ways - by setting default values in the Intelligent Capture, or by setting the values within the Business Process as per Adam's example.
The advantage of the former is that you can allow the Analyst to make minor adjustments to the values if desired, the advantage of the latter is that you prevent any changes.

1 hour ago, Andrea Packham said:

I dont need any process or any tasks behind it

Generally speaking, all Requests will have at least a simple process behind them, if only to see it through the basic steps of notifying the Customer that it's been raised, actioned, and closed.

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