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HTML code to open link in new window / tab not working in FAQ's


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In the FAQ, I want to include links that open in new tabs/windows.

The HTML for this is to add target="_blank" after the link and before the ></a> tags.

But this does not work.

Is this deliberate or can I request this to be improved so it does work?

Or is there another way to do this?

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Hi, whenever we add any url links to FAQ's on the Employee Portal they are all opening in the same window so taking the customer away from Hornbill.  We'd like this to open in another window or tab. 

I've tried adding the Target and set it to various options but they all seem to do the same thing and just opens in the same window, I've checked the source as well and it's saying _blank etc but it doesn't seem to work.  Any advice appreciated.


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