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Date format in an email template


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Hi all

Is there a way of changing the date format on a custom field in an email template?

As you can see from the screengrab, we are using hcustom fields to pull data from a request, but our teams are complaining its in the American format and it is confusing things.

I've dug about but couldn't find a logical way of changing this, any ideas appreciated.


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I tried to input this as the format {{h.custom_s}|formatlocaltime}} however it stopped any info being pulled through to the template.

Please could you clarify what format this should be input in?

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It didn't work! I tried three different iterations and every time it either left the email form with a blank or only pulled through the format not the actual info.

Would someone be able to tell me what the format should look like if this is what it currently reads? Currently it says:

My leaving date will be

I have tried the following:

{{.H_custom_s}|formatlocaltime}} (this pulls through nothing)
{{.H_custom_s|formatLocalTime}} (this just pulls through the blank code)

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Just hijacking this thread for a bit!

Is there a way of converting the .fixby date field to a different date format in an email template?

I understand that I could add the .fixby information to a date/time custom field and then use that with the |formatLocalTime switch, but I don't want to have to do that to all of our Incident processes! 



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