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ProCap2 overrides

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We don't have the ProCap2 setting enabled yet so I can't test this myself. However, I would like to know if this scenario would work in ProCap2 please.

Capture A
Question 1: Device being used: mobile/laptop/desktop
This capture will have other questions and then several switch captures.

Capture B (switched from capture A)
Based on the outcome of Question 1 in capture A, can we then have overrides to ask different questions?

If this is not currently possible, please could we request this as an enhancement?

We would like to have a main capture to ask basic questions without having to repeat it on other captures. 

Many thanks,

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6 minutes ago, Alisha said:

Capture B doesn't have the category selection to launch the capture from.

It doesn't matter - it is possible to assign Capture B to a Catalog Item in the Service Portfolio, and if you did it would be relying on an answer from a Capture A that has not been run - so you can't have conditions across Captures that may or may not be branched to from a previous Capture or you risk Customers getting an error.


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