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Add Followers (Watchers) to a request

Martyn Houghton

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Can we request an enhancement to be able to add and remove followers from a request via the Live user app.

At the moment you can only add or remove yourself, but with us migrating service desks from other products such as JIRA Service Management from Atlassian, we would like to have the ability to add and remove followers, controlled by an application right. This is akin to the 'Add/Remove Watchers' facility in JIRA and other tools.





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Hi @Martyn Houghton

Our implementation was originally created to follow how other social media solutions work with this.  For example, on FB I couldn't make you follow someone else or another organisation.  You would have to do the following.  

I'll feed this back to see if there are any plans to extend this in the future.  


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