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Breached Calls

Paul Welby

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We have had an increase in breached calls. I am getting feedback that a lot of the breached calls are as a result of calls coming off hold and breaching with no alert to the call owner. The common question I am getting asked is can the system not email to say a call has gone off hold.

Is this a possibility?



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Oh...I'm assuming that you have a Service manager licence?

On mine, if I scroll down to just below where yours stops, I have a full Service Manager list - if you don't have this then I'm sorry, I can't help! Hopefully someone from Hornbill can help?!



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@Paul Welby If you don't have the guest.app.requests.notification.allowUserDefinedNotificationType setting mentioned by @Paul Alexander set to ON, the settings that shown above can be set globally.

In Service Manager Settings, filter on guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType. and you can set the notification type of each action.

More details are available on the wiki.

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