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  1. Hi, I am looking for some guidance with the email template function We have a team that requires to use their own email templates. When I go into email admin and change app.email.request.operation.templateSelectable from off to on, we get the whole list of templates which is no good Is there away of just putting the team email templates in an area for them to choose? TIA Paul
  2. We keep getting an email error notification, this has happened on a number of occasions. I have included the full error message, are you able to give guidance on why this is happening and a possible fix. Many thanks Paul ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email from:E-Mail Error NotificationSubject:Hornbill ESP POP3 Read FailureDetails:There was a problem reading mail from the POP3 account:Server: outlook.office365.comPort: 995User: mail_ictsd@york.gov.ukPassword: ********The error reported by the server was:ChilkatLog:FetchByMsgnum(188ms):DllDate: Feb 9 2021ChilkatVersion: HRNBLL.CBX102021Architecture: Little Endian; 64-bitLanguage: Visual C++ 2019 / x64VerboseLogging: 1Component successfully unlocked using purchased unlock code.msgnum: 1PopCmdSent: LIST 1sendCommand: Elapsed time: 0 millisecPopCmdResp: +OK 1 503655getOneLineResponse: Elapsed time: 0 millisecfetchSingleFull(188ms):PopCmdSent: RETR 1sendCommand: Elapsed time: 0 millisecPopCmdResp: -ERR Message corruptedNon-success POP3 response status linegetRetrResponse: Elapsed time: 188 millisecFailed to fetch POP3 emailmsgNum: 1--fetchSingleFullFailed.--FetchByMsgnum--ChilkatLog
  3. Hi, I have been contacted by the Manager of our Service Desk and he has asked if there is a possibility of compiling a report of how many emails they receive on a monthly basis. Has anyone done something similar or could give me guidance on where this information could be found. Many thanks in advance Paul
  4. Hi Has there been any updates added recently that have had an impact on populated emails? We have has users saying that they are now having to manually type full emails to responses where before, the basic information was already pulled through. Many thanks Paul
  5. Hello We have had a request from one of our teams to enable the below setting so that they are able to edit and save their own emails within Hornbill. app.email.request.operation.composerType I just wondered if we can lock this down to this particular team or of once enabled. it will effect everyone. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul
  6. Hi @SamS The debug has been run, what information do you need to know? Paul
  7. Hi Sam, Thanks for your response. We upgraded from a very old version - V1_1_2 I merged the new options as the config files were quite different. I'll run the debug on it today and see what it comes back with. New assets are being created no problem and the assets aren't duplicating, its just the time it is taking and the fact all are showing as updating each time.
  8. We have recently upgraded to a newer version of the asset import tool and it appears that all assets are being updated with every run of the executable. I don’t believe this happened on the previous version we were on before the upgrade. Please can someone confirm whether or not this is expected behaviour for v1_13_1? Another note is that it is taking upwards of 5 hours to run at times. We have it set to 1 import concurrently, which I appreciate is the slowest setting but would expect it to be faster than this when only adding or changing one or two assets? Thanks
  9. It seems to be an intermittent issue but only came about this week, I am presuming after the latest update but this could be coincidental? Sometimes the asset appears and you can add it but then disappears when the call is re-assigned.
  10. We have had reported issues of the asset numbers not showing or when input being removed? Is this connected to the release last night as it was working ok the day before....
  11. @Daniel DekelI might be doing something silly here but I cannot get the 'Company Home' to change, I have changed the home screen to the 'City of York Home' but when I go to another page I still see Company Home....what am I doing wrong?City of York Council Home' but when I go on another screen I still get Company Home at the top? What am I doing wrong?
  12. I am trying make a change to the 'company home' as well but cannot see 'user.view.page.home ? is this in portal translations.... Any help is appreciated
  13. Hello, We are currently configuring the new Employee Portal. Just a couple of questions, will the support cut off date definitely be the 31st December and also is there a way of changing the 'Company Home' wording hyperlink ? as below.
  14. Hello Might be a daft question but I presume all emails sent within Hornbill are stored somewhere? Can anyone point me in the direction of where and if they are stored in HB, is there a way to archive and free up space.... Many thanks in advance for any advice.
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