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  1. Thank you for your reply. we aren't getting messages from archived users, I have asked for more clarification and have received the below. Hi Paul, I’ve spoken to Vikki C who has asked that I get a screen shot of the issue being raised by First Line so that you get a better understanding of the issue. When an email is received into Hornbill (as below), first line then have to raise this as a call which uses the user’s email address. As you can see, there are two Andrew ****. The issue is that first line do not know which is the correct account (the active account). One of the accounts is active and the other archived (in this example). What we are proposing is to either manually amend all email addresses for archived users to ‘Archived’ (however this may cause issues with reporting) and for which we will require an export of Archived User Accounts to work from, or ask Hornbill to prevent the lookup of archived accounts. Either way will stop multiple accounts (including those which are duplicates) for each user from showing when raising calls from emails. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you need anything further.
  2. Hello, We have had a request from our First Line Service Desk regarding whether it is possible for Hornbill to not include email addresses of archived accounts when raising calls from emails? The issue which first line currently have is that when an email arrives and they try to log it, it brings up the account for all users (active and archived) based on the email address. A work around going forward is for us to change our working practice and amend the email addresses of user accounts which are archived to remove the emails at this point. I just wondered if anyone else has had this issue and what they have done to sort? Thanks Paul
  3. @Keith StevensonThank you for this information, I have passed it on to our Infrastructure team to investigate.
  4. Hello I have been informed by our service desk that emails are no longer automatically coming into the inbox? has there been any updates made that would effect this or could it be that we have maybe deleted or changed something that we shouldn't.... I have done basic checks but cannot see anything out of the ordinary? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Paul
  5. Hi We are having reports of an issue on our self service portal. is anyone else experiencing this or could it just be from our side?
  6. This was working again but has stopped working again. The same user reported it.
  7. Hello We have been asked by a couple of areas if there is a possibility for users to be alerted (email) when a call comes off hold as we are having calls breach as they are not aware that they have come off hold. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Paul
  8. Hi, I have noticed that comments added to Hornbill tickets with visibility set to 'Customer' do not (no longer?) trigger an email notification to the customer. Is this related to the update that was made last night? Further to this, I have noticed that resolving a ticket with visibility set to 'Private' or 'Team' does trigger an email notification to the customer, which would seem contrary to expectations. Thanks Paul
  9. When logging calls from emails, Service Manager does not appear to be picking up the names from the sender. In addition, when the call is automatically assigned to first line it does not assign it to a person automatically (the person logging the call) as it would normally. It is a minor issue so not urgent as you can do all of the above manually. Has anything been changed regarding the above on an upgrade? This seems to have become an issue in December.
  10. It's a question i have been asked by our first line team , if we have a major outage in one area for example, a direct access issue, we are swamped with call an would like to have them linked to the main one logged. I have been told that they are not able to link more than 25 to a call?
  11. Hi, I just wondered if anyone can tell me what the maximum amount of calls that can be linked to a service requests and and incident? TIA Paul
  12. @Steve GillerI have shadowed him and if he puts the problem call reference in the search bar, he does not get any results but if he goes into his team view, he is able to see it? I do the same thing and I am able to see it from the search bar using the ref.?
  13. One of my colleagues is not able to view a problem calls, he is part of the supporting team that has access but when he searches for the call reference it does not come up with anything, however when he looks at it from a team view, he is able to see it? I have given him the 4 problem roles but still the same Any ideas or comments welcome Thanks Paul
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